BYJU’S Learning App Magic Workbooks Review

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It’s hard for me to believe that my youngest will be starting Kindergarten in just a few months!

Seeing my baby go from a shy toddler to an outgoing and eager-to-learn preschooler has been a treat, and I’m sure he’ll love school.

But of course, like any parent, I want him to be as prepared as possible when he jumps into his journey of learning.


And that’s why I was so excited when BYJU’S offered to send me their Premium Learning Kit containing the BYJU’S Learning App and Magic Workbook Set for Kindergarten-aged kids to help get Cormac off to the best start possible.

Both the app and workbook set make learning fun with the help of Disney characters including Lightning McQueen, Elsa, and Buzz Lightyear.

The Magic Workbook set includes everything kids need to get started: a collection of workbooks, an Osmo base and reflector, 3 WizPens, and 12 Magic Color Wax Crayons.


The Magic Workbooks are paired with the Osmo learning system and popular Disney characters to teach kids about reading, math, geography, and so much more.

Cormac has seen games that use the Osmo before, so he was especially excited to sit down with the books and get learning. We decided on Volume 1 of the Language & Reading series, The World Around Me, and he sat down to get learning.

The system works by reflecting the page of the workbook into an iPad or Fire tablet, then displaying it on the screen in the BYJU’S app.


From that point, kids can work on the answers to the questions while the screen shows and tells them if they’ve solved the puzzles correctly.

Cormac caught on immediately, and was soon working his way through matching games, shape tracing, mazes, and so much more.

When it comes to blending old-school learning and technology, BYJU’S has a great system going.

One of my personal favorite features was how art was incorporated into the workbooks as well. Cormac was able to color a picture with the included crayons, and then see his finished picture on the screen!


The BYJU’S workbooks are available for Pre-K to Grade 3, and can be purchased either as an add-on kit with or without the Osmo device for those that already use the BYJU’S Learning App, or in a premium kit with app access included.

Cormac has had a great time finishing different pages in the workbook, and I loved the way he could check his answers right on his iPad and get hints if he needed a little help.

And by doing a page or two in the Magic Workbooks every day until school starts, I know he’ll be entering Kindergarten even more ready to learn!

To learn more about the BYJU’S Learning App, Magic Workbooks, and other products, check out the official website for yourself.

If you’ve been looking for innovative ways to get your kids excited about learning, BYJU’S is a great place to get started. Take a look and introduce your little ones to a magical new way to learn!

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