11 Amazing First Day of School Activities

A child’s first day of school is a special moment! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the start of another year of learning so little ones look forward to the big day.

And there are plenty of easy ways to commemorate the first day of school!


From a fancy breakfast to an after-school surprise, creating your own fun first day of school tradition will help make a new school year feel special year after year.

11 Ideas for Celebrating Your Child’s First Day at School

1) Special Breakfast

Skip the cold cereal and plan an extra-special breakfast for the first day of school! Think pancakes, bacon and eggs, or even a fresh fruit smoothie!

Consider asking your kids what they’d most enjoy for breakfast on the first day, and then grab the ingredients a few days before so you’re prepared.

Short on time in the mornings? Try one of these easy kid-friendly breakfasts that are ready in five minutes or less!

2) Back-to-School Fashion Show

You paid good money for those new school clothes. You spent time buying your child a watch and fun new accessories to help them look their best.

Now, it’s time to show it all off! Organize an at-home fashion show to let your kids strut their stuff in their favorite new outfits.

Create a space for a makeshift runway, and don’t forget to pump the tunes to help create the perfect fashion show environment!

boys back-to-school photo

3) Yearly Photos

Starting every school year with a picture is one of those easy first day of school activities that lets your kids see how much they’ve grown.

Pick a fun location and pose for the photo, and then take a new picture every year. Comparing the photos are fun for kids and adults alike!

You may even want to get a small blackboard for your child to hold that can include their current grade and favorite things, or the job they dream of having one day

4) School Supply Scavenger Hunt

You’ve stocked up on all the school supplies, but there’s no reason you have to just hand them over to your child.

Instead, scatter the objects around the house to create a scavenger hunt for your children. And don’t forget to include a fun surprise or two! (Think scented markers or personalized pencils, for a start.)

This is an especially good option if you have multiple children, since they can compete against each other to find all the supplies on their list first!

5) Chalk Message Walkway

Head out early on the first day of school and write some encouraging messages with sidewalk chalk along the path to the car or bus stop.

A little inspiration and encouragement is a great way to make the first day of school less scary for little ones that might be nervous.


6) Create a Vision Board

Help inspire older children to make the most of the coming year by helping them create a vision board.

Collect art supplies, glitter, stickers, stamps, photos from magazines, and more, then let your child use them to create a board that represents their goals for the school year.

Whether it’s subjects they want to study or hobbies and sports they plan on trying, having a visual reminder of their goals is a great way to keep them motivated.

Display the completed board in their room or homework spot, to remind them of their goals.

7) Record Their Height

Many parents like to keep track of their child’s height over the years, and the first day of school is a great day to take that measurement.

Mark down their name and the day, and see how much they grow year-after-year.

8) After-School Surprise

Want to help your kids eagerly look forward to a new school year? Start planning a fun surprise activity to do together after they finish their first day!

Head to the movies, visit a trampoline park, or ???. No matter what you choose, your kids are sure to be thrilled about getting to do something special once their first day is done.

9) Show and Tell

Kids aren’t always the most talkative when it comes to sharing details about their school day. That’s why the first day is a great one for creating a show-and-tell tradition.

Ask each of your kids to share one special thing about their first day, whether it’s a piece of artwork or the name of a new friend.

Starting this tradition will give you a great glimpse into understanding your child and what excites them about school.

boy with heritage fair project

10) Back-to-School Party

If your child has a lot of friends in the neighborhood, you may want to get together with other parents and plan a back-to-school party!

A potluck-style get-together or outdoor barbecue take minimal planning, especially if you host the event at a local park or playground.

With help from other parents, a party to commemorate the new school year can be a way to create lifelong memories for your children and their friends.

11) Make a Time Capsule

In the last week of summer vacation, have your children fill a time capsule with items from the summertime.

Bury it in the backyard (or store it in a secret place), and then dig it up a year later, on the first day of school.

Kids will enjoy seeing what hobbies they still enjoy, and what other ones they’ve moved on from. And reliving the memories of summer vacation is sure to put a smile on little faces.


The first day of school is something that’s a unique moment for every child. Some kids may be nervous about it, while others are excited.

But no matter how your own children anticipate the big day, making it a cause for celebration is sure to be appreciated.

Before you know it, a few easy traditions may just help to make the first day of school one of your family’s favorite days of the year!

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