Create the Perfect Guest Space With These Guest Room Decorating Ideas

Having a relaxing place for guests to sleep was one of my family’s top priorities when building our forever home.

We have family and friends visit often, and I wanted to make sure that anyone coming to stay felt welcomed and comfortable.

bed and nightstand

When choosing the furniture, wall decor, and accessories, I learned a few things about how to create the perfect guest bedroom.

If you want to make your own guest room a haven for visitors, keep these guest room decorating ideas in mind:

Define Your Style

Even though a guest bedroom may not get constant use, you still want it to be an extension of the rest of your home’s style.

Whether you favor the cozy farmhouse look with natural elements and light colors, or a richer bohemian style with vibrant colors and textures, keep the flow of the rest of the house in mind when decorating.

Keep in mind when planning the room that you want it to be a relaxing space for guests to unwind.

Even if your house’s style is one that tends to be more bold and bright, you’ll want to make sure that you balance that with elements to create a soothing feel.

Make the Bed the Centerpiece

It goes without saying that for most houseguests, the bed is the most important part of a guest room. So, it’s worth putting in some effort to make it as comfortable as possible.

Choose a strong bedframe, and consider maximizing your space by choosing one with storage space underneath, or built-in drawers.

Then, add a comfortable mattress. Memory foam mattresses are often a popular choice, as they’re affordable, durable, and ship right to your front door.

To help make the bed even more inviting, consider topping that double bed with a mattress topper double to help support the body and regulate temperature for the best possible sleep.

Finally, finish off the bed with a set of high-quality cotton or microfiber sheets and a comforter in your chosen color scheme.

And don’t forget the pillows! While some people may prefer only using one single pillow, having extras on the bed ensures every guest will be able to use as many pillows as they prefer.

Add Functional Furniture

While your guests will likely be spending most of their time with you in the rest of the house, it’s a great idea to add some functional furniture like a desk or chair to the guest room if there’s space.

A simple desk can give guests a place to read emails or work in private while visiting, while a comfy chair can be used as a spot for reading or sipping that morning coffee.

Other great guest bedroom furniture additions could include a dresser for visitors’ clothing, or a bookshelf stocked with reading materials.

As much fun as it is to visit with loved ones, having a comfortable place to unwind alone can be essential for many people’s mood.

Those small, additional pieces of furniture can help to make the room more inviting, and better help your guests to relax and enjoy their stay.

Accessorize With Beauty and Functionality In Mind

With the bed and furniture in place, it’s time for the best part…adding the decor!

Start with the walls. Think about the color and style of your room and choose wall art to match.

A modern room will look great with some bold-colored block paintings, while a bright, beachy room will come to life with the addition of some nautical prints and ocean scenes.

Then, add a few tasteful and useful accessories to the room. Candles and a clean water cup on the nightstand let your guests know you want them to be comfortable.

And lamps are a must for ensuring guests can enjoy the room’s cozy ambiance, no bright overhead lights required.

Other great guest bedroom decor options could include a stylish mirror, a basket of guest soaps and toiletries, and a vase of flowers.

guest room with bed and bookshelf


The perfect guest bedroom should feel like comfortable hotel room, and creating that feel can be surprisingly easy!

Think about the elements that you would appreciate if you were away from home, and then incorporate them into your design plans as you work through these guest room decorating ideas.

Just keep in mind that with a great guest room available for visitors, you may notice that you’re suddenly entertaining company more often!

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