5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Reduce Kids’ Screen Time 

Children’s screen time has been skyrocketing for years. And while technology has its advantages, this increase has resulted in a concerning decrease in kids’ physical activity and outdoor play.

kids in backyard with bubbles

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s time to change things up, get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and try some fun outdoor activities with the kids!

Need some inspiration? Try these 5 outdoor activities for kids that will help get them moving and reduce that screen time!

1. Get On a Trampoline

Trampolines are a great way to get kids away from their screens and out in the yard, having fun in the fresh air. Not only do most kids love jumping for hours on end, they’re also getting some great exercise at the same time!

While many kids may be happy just bouncing up and down, keep in mind there’s a lot more fun to be had when playing on a trampoline.

Kids can play classic games like Last Man Standing or Red Light, Green Light while jumping up and down on the trampoline, or incorporate their favourite sport into a game, testing their balance and agility.

They can also practice somersaults, twists, flips, and tricks. The bouncy surface of the trampoline helps them stay safe while they work on their coordination and boost their confidence with each successful trick they learn.

In addition to being a great source of fun outdoors, trampolines also offer significant health benefits, including improved motor skills, increased heart rate and muscle strength, and improved balance and coordination.

If you want to find an easy way to help your kids enjoy an active lifestyle, investing in a quality trampoline is a great option that provides tons of exciting recreational opportunities for the whole family! 

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt 

Hide various items around the yard and send your kids off on a scavenger hunt!

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity to help children learn while playing, creating a scavenger hunt is definitely it!

It engages kids mentally and physically and encourages them to explore, observe and think critically. By preparing a list of items found in or around the yard, kids will be actively seeking out their targets as they explore.

As they search for each item, they’ll improve their observational skills, problem-solving abilities, and even teamwork if you make it into a group game.

They’ll finish feeling proud of themselves for successfully completing the scavenger hunt – just like an archaeological mission! Of course, having a fun reward at the end is always a great idea, too!

For added fun and interaction with nature, you can turn your scavenger hunt into a competitive game by having participants race to find all the items first.

Alternatively, use this outdoor activity as an opportunity for parents to teach their children about the plants and animals that inhabit their garden by including some natural elements in your list.

Whatever approach you take, making a scavenger hunt is sure to be an educational experience that will leave your kids feeling excited and delighted after every session. 

3. Outdoor Arts and Crafts 

Making arts and crafts in the garden is a great way to get quieter kids outdoors, as they have the chance to use natural resources to create works of art.

They can turn their outdoor space into an imaginative playground with nothing more than flowers, leaves, pinecones and twigs.

Suggest making wreaths with brightly coloured flowers or sculpting birdhouses from fallen branches. Leaf printing is also easy to do – press painted leaves onto paper and let the natural textures show through.

Using mud and water, kids can make “clay” bowls. Or they could create their own bug habitats using leaves and pebbles. Don’t forget to keep gardening tools like trowels and rakes around for little ones that are happy just digging in the dirt!

Arts and crafts sourced from and created in the great outdoors is a creative way to teach children more about nature and the world they live in.

4. Play With Water  

Water play is an excellent outdoor activity for kids, and it can be both fun and educational.

Inflatable pools, sprinklers, and splash pads are great for promoting physical health by encouraging active movements like running, jumping and swimming.

On the flip side, water tables and tubs with water toys contribute to cognitive growth as they learn about the way water interacts with different objects in their surroundings.

If your child is a big fan of playing in the water, then investing in a larger water table or pool setup may be worth the fun it brings your little one.

But, water play can also be as simple as filling buckets or a large cooler with water and giving kids sponges, cups, and other household items to use to play in the water!

Incorporating water into your child’s outdoor time is especially fun on those hot summer days, as it helps keep little ones cool and comfortable as they play.

And, best of all for a busy parent, cleanup is as simple as letting puddles and clothing dry up in the sun!

5. Host A Tea Party 

Hosting a tea party in the garden is an excellent way to get the kids away from their screens and enjoy the fresh air. Who doesn’t love dressing up and eating fancy food?

Have everyone dress in their finest clothes as if they were attending an afternoon tea party — it’s sure to bring out lots of giggles from everyone involved!

Then, set up finger sandwiches, cookies, scones — whatever treats you feel like making or buying — and plenty of tea cups filled with juice or lemonade.

This activity is perfect for any sunny day and is easy to throw together quickly, but is also sure makes lasting memories for everyone involved!   


 Keeping our kids off their screens isn’t always easy — but we don’t have to give in to technology 24/7 either!

Introducing these five fun outdoor activities for kids into their routine can help little ones stay active and reduce their reliance on screens for entertainment.

So, get your kids into their play clothes, and get ready for some great outdoor adventures together as a family. With a bit of creativity, you’re sure to have as much fun as your kids outside this summer!

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