5 Important Tips for Moms Who Choose Bottle Feeding

No matter which methods you choose to feed your baby, what matters most is that they’re full, well nourished, and happy.


Unfortunately, bottle feeding tends to get a bad rap in a lot of parenting communities, and there can be a serious lack of advice, information, and tips for moms who choose to bottle feed, or cannot breastfeed for various reasons.

If you’re a bottle feeding mama, here are some helpful tips for bottle feeding that will help make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

Choose the Right Bottle and Formula for Your Baby

The first step towards developing a good feeding routine for your baby is finding the best fit among the different types of bottles and formulas.

There’s a wide array of bottle options available, to ensure there’s one that will be properly suited to different baby’s needs.

Bottles can differ in material, shape, and durability, and there are also different nipples for different feeding styles.

When it comes to formula, you need to consider your baby’s specific nutrition needs and feeding style, and your own values, preferences, and budget.

Whether you choose dairy-based, soy-based, an organic formula, or a specialized type, the choice is up to you and what works best for your baby.

Sterilize in Batches

Sterilizing and drying baby bottles can be a lengthy process, and you don’t want to be doing it after every feed.

Getting into the habit of sterilizing in batches will save you a lot of time and effort.

To sterilize multiple bottles at a time, put them all into a large pot and make sure all the bottles are submerged.

Alternatively, consider investing in a bottle sterilizer – some of these devices even have a drying function.

Depending on which one you buy, you could get a model that sterilizes up to six bottles in one go.

Use a Timer

Establishing a feeding schedule and routine is essential, not only for your sanity but for baby as well. When doing so, using a timer to keep track of your feedings is a very useful tool.

There are countless baby apps to help you track feedings, as well as all the other information you might want to record, like sleeping, health, diaper changes, and even important milestones.

If you prefer, you could also track feedings manually with a pen and paper, or even just on a note on your phone – but an app will definitely help streamline the process.

Store Bottles Strategically

When it comes to newborns, just about every aspect of their (and your) lives needs to be relatively well organized if you want things to flow easily and efficiently.

Your bottle storage is just another aspect of newborn care that will work much better for you if it’s done strategically.

Make sure you keep your bottles in a convenient place, and that you always have clean ones on hand.

You might want to buy a baby bottle storage box to keep them neatly packed away, or create a DIY bottle storage solution.

Ignore Judgemental Comments

Finally, keep in mind that you will likely receive at least a few comments about why breastfeeding is better.

Remember that your opinion as a mom is the only one that matters, and try to ignore any negativity thrown your way.


With a little preparation and organization, bottle feeding can be almost as easy as breastfeeding.

And seeing your baby grow and thrive is sure to be the best reward for all your hard work!

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