4 Easy Ways To Brighten Up a Room

Do you feel like the living space in your home is feeling a bit dark and dingy?

Want to brighten up the space to make it feel more warm and welcoming?

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Well, lucky you, you’ve found the perfect blog post to read right now!

Read on to learn how you can brighten up the living space in your home, with four simple tips!

Play Around With Additional Light Sources

If you’re looking to brighten up a space in your home, start off simple, by bringing new light sources into the space, or changing up the room’s current lighting.

The lighting of a room can be easy to overlook when planning decor, and often tweaking your existing lights can make an immediate difference.

Adding floor or table lamps is always a surefire way to add more light to a space, but you could also add some ambiance to the room by using some more unique lights.

Colored lights, from LED light strips or sunlamps, can help create a warm feeling in a space, while adding extra light as well.

Or, if you want a more sophisticated ambiance in your room, adding uplighting (light fixtures on the floor that point their light upwards) to help create a moody feel.

Use Mirrors To Bounce Light Around A Room

Another surefire way to brighten up a room in your home is to carefully use mirrors around the space.

Mirrors will reflect light around the room and, when used tactfully, they can turn even the dingiest of spaces into a bright and welcoming area.

You’ll want to place your mirrors in spots that already get a fair amount of light, so that they can reflect it around your space.

Things like adding a wall mirror opposite a window that gets plenty of natural sunlight, or placing smaller mirrors opposite a standing lamp will make the biggest impact.

Swap Heavy Curtains For Lighter Dimout Blinds

When trying to add more light to a space, the rooms windows should receive some attention. During the day, natural light from outside can provide you with a lot of light and brightness.

On the one hand, you likely don’t want the sun pouring in unfettered, as it can cause screen glare and be too hard on the eyes.

But, on the other hand, if the curtains you use in the space are too thick, they’ll block out too much natural light from outside.

Consider swapping your thick, heavy curtains for a set of made-to-measure blinds made in a lighter dimout or screen fabric, which will let some light pass through it, brightening up your room, while still diffusing the light to a comfortable level.

Incorporate A Bright And Light Color Scheme

If your living room is still feeling a bit dark, it may be that you’ve chosen a color pallet for the space that simply makes the space feel darker.

Darker colors like black, navy, maroon, and darker browns will absorb more light than they reflect, which may cause your room to feel darker than it should be.

With a little redecoration, you can brighten up your room by adding in some lighter colors, which will reflect more light.

Whites, pastels, and other lighter colors will help make the space feel brighter.

And you don’t need to repaint the whole space! Use wall art, soft furnishings, furniture, or even a feature wall to add in lighter colors and brighten the space up.


Finding ways to brighten up a room in your home doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Often, simple changes can have a big impact!

So, give these tips a try and turn your living space into the bright and inviting room of your dreams!

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