4 Things You Didn’t Know About Chatime

Chatime is Canada’s go-to bubble tea shop, a meeting place for boba lovers nationwide, and a mainstay among foodies.

But, how much do you really know about the ultra-popular brand?

You can tell it’s trendy from its snappy logo and playful purple brand design.

chatime bubble tea in cup

And, judging by the fast-moving lines at its roughly 100 Canadian locations, you probably also know that it’s popular.

But beyond that, you might be surprised to learn that Chatime has a rich history, vast global reach, and a white-hot innovative streak.

In this article, explore four things you (might) not know about Chatime.

It’s One of the “OG” Bubble Tea Brands

Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the mid-80s, but it remained a local obsession for several years, virtually unheard of outside the bustling streets of Taipei. Then, Chatime came along.

Chatime is the “OG” bubble tea brand, one of the first homegrown Taiwanese bubble tea purveyors to take the drink across the globe.

Now, you can find Chatime shops in all corners of the world – roughly 2,500 stores across 38 countries.

Canadians, in particular, took to Chatime’s unique mix of quality and innovation, helping launch its success in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Chatime Mixes Seasonal Menu Items with Standby Classics

Chatime might be the “OG,” but it has never lost its innovative streak.

Known for its constant and rigorous R&D, the brand turns out buzzworthy seasonal drinks to complement its regular roster of customer favourites.

Past drinks have even made a splash in the press. The recent KitKat Roasted Milk Tea had the Food Network declaring, “This bubble tea really delivers.”

Still, if you want to stick with the hits, Chatime always has its favourites on repeat. Try the classic milk tea or roasted milk tea with an assortment of exciting toppings.

Or, put an unmistakably Canadian twist on things with the Earl Grey Milk Tea boba.

The “Tearistas” Handcraft Every Drink to Order

What won’t you find at a Chatime location? Vats of premade milk tea waiting around to be dished into cups.

Even at bustling locations like the Chatime Toronto shop in the Stockyard, the “tearistas” make every drink to order, expertly mixing your choices together to create your ideal cup of bubble tea.

This made-to-order approach ensures a fresh, customized drink every time.

Chatime’s Signature Milk Tea Is Made of Lactose-Free Dairy

Can’t have lactose? No problem. The brand recently took to Instagram to remind its followers that its Signature Milk Tea is made from 100% lactose-free creamer.

The announcement is part of Chatime’s overall push toward inclusion – everyone should be able to enjoy the great flavours and exciting textures of a bubble tea.

The company also recently announced that their menu is Halal-certified, a move widely lauded on social media.

And, their menu is chock full of customization options that allow you to work around personal restrictions. (For instance, kids can enjoy a caffeine-free milk tea boba!)

chatime logo

Now that you know a little more about Canada’s favourite bubble tea brand, you can enjoy their drinks with a greater appreciation.

So pick a favourite bubble tea to try and treat yourself to a delicious drink from one of Canada’s most popular new spots!

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