5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Family Vacation Rentals

Planning a family vacation requires you to prioritize the comfort and safety of everyone traveling.

When there are children involved, you want to ensure that the place you are staying at is kid-friendly, with amenities to keep them occupied.


Start by using a handy search tool like the cozycozy accommodation search engine.

Enter your vacation destination to start browsing through the available accommodation choices, then narrow down your options based on your needs.

Wondering how to pick accommodations that will ensure your kids have a great vacation? Keep these factors in mind when choosing family vacation rentals:

1. Age of Your Children

As a mom who’s been navigating the occasionally choppy waters of family vacations for years, I’ve come to realize that the age of your children plays an enormous role in shaping your trip, especially when it comes to picking accommodations.

From the bustling streets of a Caribbean destination to the quiet countryside, ensuring the hotel or resort is tailored to your little ones can make or break a vacation.

Selecting a family-friendly hotel that caters to the specific demands of children at different stages of growth is crucial.

For those traveling tots or energetic tweens, amenities like swimming pools, access to beaches, or child care services become more than just hotel perks; they’re lifelines that keep the adventure afloat.

Imagine the relief of knowing there’s a kids menu when your picky eater won’t touch anything else or the joy of watching your child make a splash in the pool while you get some much-needed relaxation by the side.

It’s these elements that can make your family vacation truly memorable, bringing a smile to your children’s faces and offering a sense of satisfaction and ease for you as well.

2. Space and Comfort

Imagine this: You’ve finally arrived at your dream destination after months of planning, your kids bubbling with excitement and you, ready for some much-needed relaxation.

But, the moment you step into your hotel room, reality hits. It’s cramped, the kids are bouncing off the walls, and suddenly the family vacation you’ve so carefully planned starts to feel a bit more like a survival challenge.

That’s why, when it comes to booking family accommodations, I can’t stress enough the importance of space and comfort.

Depending on the size of your family, you may want to look for a hotel with flexible room configurations.

Adjoining rooms can be a great choice if you have older children, while a suite with multiple bedrooms can be a great choice for families with younger children.

And, if you’re anything like me, having a kitchen facility can be a game-changer.

It means having the flexibility to whip up a quick breakfast or a late-night snack, making the stay more convenient and saving some valuable vacation funds too.

The right space is about more than just square footage. It’s about having an environment where the whole family can unwind and recharge, laying the foundation for a relaxing and enjoyable stay for everyone.

3. Safety Measures

Traveling with the little ones in tow always adds an extra layer of excitement to any family vacation.

But, as much as we love exploring new destinations, ensuring their safety comes first, making safety measures a crucial factor in choosing accommodations.

It’s not just about having a place to rest after a day’s adventure; it’s about knowing my family is in a secure environment, which honestly, gives me the peace of mind to truly relax.

That means choosing family vacation rentals that prioritize safety for both children and adults.

If you have younger children, looking for rooms with secured furniture and childproof outlets is always a smart idea.

And, depending on your destination, choosing family vacation rentals that offer on-site security or gated accommodations may be smart as well.

Finally, let’s not forget that a hotel’s commitment to safety should extend to their amenities!

A secure swimming pool area with lifeguards on duty and restricted beach access are must-haves to ensure the kids can play, and adults can unwind, without unnecessary worry.

4. Amenities and Entertainment

Whenever I’m planning a vacation with the kids, I know that finding the right place to stay is about much more than just a comfortable bed to sleep in.

It’s the on-site amenities and entertainment options that truly make or break our stay.

Our stay at the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel is the perfect example; with kids’ activities and contests every day, it was as much fun as the amusement park itself.

I mean, there’s something magical about a hotel that can keep the kiddos engaged and happy, allowing us, the adults, to actually relax and enjoy some peace.

This is why I always encourage families to hunt for those family-friendly hotels that are bursting at the seams with kid-approved amenities like sparkling swimming pools, sprawling playgrounds, and lively activity clubs.

And don’t even get me started on the importance of having a variety of dining options – more choices are always better when it comes to dining with kids!

When the kids have a playground to conquer or an activity club where they can make new friends, it’s not just them having the time of their lives – it gives us parents a much-needed breather.

This is the essence of a true family vacation: a serene blend of fun for them and relaxation for us.

5. Proximity to Attractions

Imagine waking up in a cozy, sunlit room, the smell of sea salt or forest pines drifting through the window, and knowing that just a short walk away lies an unforgettable adventure for you and your family.

That’s the benefit that comes with choosing family vacation rentals that are close to your must-see attractions.

With the precious time you save by staying near your chosen attractions, you’ve got more of it to explore, play, and create those memories that’ll be talked about for years to come.

I’ve found that one of the biggest joys of family vacations comes from watching my kids’ eyes light up as we explore new places together.

And, let’s be honest, reducing travel time also means fewer chances for the dreaded “Are we there yet?” from the back seat.

By selecting accommodations close to the attractions on our wish list, we dive straight into the fun without the fuss.

Whether it’s a boutique hotel just steps from the sandy shores, a family-friendly hotel nestled near a lush national park, or a charming inn around the corner from a bustling city’s cultural gems, location really can be a game-changer.

My tips? First, list down the attractions you’re most excited about. Maybe it’s splashing around at a famed beach, exploring ancient ruins, or riding roller coasters at a theme park.

Then, find a hotel that not only offers those kid-friendly amenities, but is also a stone’s throw from these places.

Trust me, the convenience of popping back to your room for a mid-day nap or a change of clothes is invaluable.

And don’t overlook local flavors; staying close to the heart of it all means authentic dining experiences are just around the corner, making every meal an adventure in itself.

legoland hotel kingdom room

At the end of the day, choosing the right accommodations can take a bit of research and planning when there are children involved.

When choosing family vacation rentals, think beyond just the room and hotel amenities. Consider the whole experience.

When you do, you’ll help to ensure that your entire trip is one that your family will remember and talk about for a lifetime.

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