Exploring Art and Culture: Tips for Visiting a Museum with Kids

Museums are often one of the most popular attractions for tourists, but visiting a museum with kids can require a little more preparation.

On the one hand, it’s a great chance to introduce your children to all kinds of new educational experiences.

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On the other, the last thing you want is to spend your time at the museum listening to cries of, “I’m bored!”

Luckily, with a little prep, visiting museums with your kids can be a great time for the whole family. Use these tips to help you plan!

Look For Kid-Friendly Museums

Choosing a kid-friendly museum is half the battle when it comes to planning your visit. And these days, there are plenty to choose from!

From dedicated children’s museums to interactive heritage villages to hands-on science centers, there are plenty of options that make learning fun for kids.

For the best experience, try to choose a museum that focuses on a topic your children already have an interest in, whether that’s outer space, dinosaurs, or farm animals.

If the museum includes kid-friendly amenities, like family restrooms and designated snack areas, that’s even better.

With your destination chosen, consider making your trip even more fun by dressing in matching tie-dye garments or making shirts with a family nickname.

Not only does this help to make the museum visit feel like a special occasion, it also makes keeping an eye on excited little ones much easier!

Schedule Your Museum Visit

Planning the right day for your visit is always important, but it’s even more important when you’re visiting with kids.

Avoiding peak times is always ideal. You’ll be better able to explore the museum, and you won’t run the risk of your child getting overwhelmed by crowds.

Look online to see if the museum has information on its busiest and slowest hours. Often, weekday afternoons tend to be less crowded.

You’ll also want to look into pricing. Some museums offer lower admission on certain days, or even special free visiting times.

Finally, make sure to check whether the museum has any special exhibits or events that are only available at select times.

Once you’ve researched your options, you’ll be better able to pick a time that will give you and your children the most positive experience.

Prepare For The Trip

If your child has never been to a museum before, talking with them about the trip and what to expect is always a good idea.

Explain the type of museum you’ll be visiting, what exhibits you might see, and what you’ll be doing throughout the day.

This is also a great chance to chat with them about appropriate behavior. Explain basic museum rules, like using an indoor voice and not touching items without permission.

If your kids know a bit about what to expect beforehand, you’ll all be more likely to enjoy the experience with minimal stress.

Create Kid-Friendly Experiences

Even if the museum you’re visiting doesn’t have a huge kid-friendly focus, there are still ways to ensure your child enjoys the trip.

For example, putting together a simple scavenger hunt can turn a trip to an art or historical museum into a fun game for kids.

Or, take turns making up stories about items in the exhibits, or the people in portraits.

And don’t forget the appeal of photos! Giving your child a camera can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep them entertained at a museum.

Encourage them to take photos of their favorite exhibits, then print the photos to create a memory book of the trip that they can look through after!

Pack a “Survival Bag”

Every parent understands the importance of being ready for anything when you have kids. And that goes for a trip to the museum, too!

First, make sure to pack a few portable and mess-free snacks and drinks. You’ll save money by avoiding the pricey museum cafe, and avoid having to deal with a “hangry” tantrum.

A change of clothes can also be handy, since kids can be notorious for accidentally finding a way to get messy. Choose layers so that your little one can add a sweater if they’re feeling chilly.

If you have room, a lightweight blanket can be great for museums that have an outdoor area. It will let you sit outside and enjoy the sights in comfort.

And don’t forget a pocket first aid kit! While you hopefully won’t need it, having a bandage and antiseptic wipes on hand in case your little one scrapes a knee or cuts a finger just makes sense.

Dealing with Museum Fatigue

Both kids and adults can sometime suffer from museum fatigue, the feeling of being overwhelmed by information and exhibits.

To avoid this, make sure you take regular rest breaks, so that kids can both re-energize and think about things they’ve seen and learned.

And, if possible, plan your route so that you alternate between hands-on activities and exhibits, and informational displays.

Remember, there’s no need to see every single thing in the museum. Let your kids take the lead, and enjoy the chance to see things through their eyes!

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While visiting a museum with kids does take a little more work than heading off on a solo excursion, it’s also a lot of fun!

It’s a great way to let your kids learn more about the world around them, and share your own interests with them in a kid-friendly way.

You may even find yourself surprised by just how much they absorb from the experience. After all, the greatest explorers in the world are often the smallest among us!

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