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As I watch the world continue to develop, I can’t help but feel that basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter are becoming increasingly contaminated by chemicals and pollutants. Grocery stores are full of genetically modified food. Electronic devices in our homes give off cancer-causing VOCs. Good old cotton, one of many thousands of cultivated crops, uses a full one-third of the world’s total pesticides in its production.

But amidst the pollution and corruption of the earth, there is a bright gleam of hope. People everywhere are realizing that the earth needs our protection. They are beginning to understand that the chemicals we use are not just harmful to the environment, but are also harmful to ourselves. Environmentalism has become “trendy,” and I, for one, could not be happier about that.

episencial sunny sunscreen bottleEcoMom (formerly Sprout Baby) understands exactly how I feel. This fantastic company is dedicated to addressing the connection between the health of the environment and the health of our children. Their extensive online store carries an unbelievable selection of earth-friendly products ranging from baby food to men’s personal care products to toys. The plethora of items has one thing in common. They have all met the extensive list of requirements that EcoMom demands of any product it carries. The items EcoMom offers must be, among many other things, free of PVC, toxic dyes, BPA, health compromising chemicals and GMOs. I was given a chance to test one of the countless fantastic baby skin care items that EcoMom carries, Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF-35.

Sunscreen is an issue that I am quite passionate about. I once read a study that had found the mildly carcinogenic substances in commercial sunscreens became hundreds of times more carcinogenic when the chemicals were exposed to, of all things, sunlight! As a fairly dark-skinned child reared up in a simpler time, I had never been subjected to excessive applications of sunscreen when I was young. My oldest son was even darker than me, so much so that unless we were planning an entire day outside I didn’t have to worry much about sunscreen for him. When I did feel that I had to use something, I stuck with zinc oxide, that old-fashioned and hard to apply sticky white paste that may not be fully effective but is at least completely natural.

When Benjamin was born, I knew I would have to find another solution. Unlike his brother, Benjamin’s skin is incredibly pale. One glance at his fair complexion and I knew that I would have to find something to protect his skin if I wanted to go outside for more than about half an hour. The chance to test this sunscreen had come at the perfect time.

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF-35 uses the natural minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide fantastic sun protection that is perfect for sensitive skin. Organic oils like sesame and avocado help to moisturize skin while beeswax and shea butter provide natural water and sun resistance. The sunscreen, like all Episencial products, is packaged using recycled plastics, manufactured with solar power and vegan.

The first thing I noticed when I squeezed out a dollop of this sunscreen was the smell. Unlike a chemical sunscreen, Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF-35 is, for all intensive purposes, completely scentless. I sometimes caught a faint hint of fruit, but it was so light that it was more of an impression than a scent. The lotion has a great creamy texture, and I was ecstatic to see that it actually absorbed into Benjamin’s skin instead of just sitting on top of it. It left a clear, glimmering sheen on his face, head and arms, but I found that it was far less greasy and sticky to the touch than any commercial sunscreen I have ever used.

Thanks to some unseasonable warmth in southern Saskatchewan, I have actually been able to put this sunscreen to the test as far as sun protection is concerned. My family is very outdoorsy, and since the weather warmed we have been outside from late morning until early evening. With one application of Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF-35, Benjamin has neither burned nor tanned in the last three days of outdoor activities. Every member of our family has tanned a bit with the surplus of sunshine and fresh air that we have been enjoying, but Benjamin remains as fair-skinned as he was in the middle of winter.

EcoMom gift boxEpisencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF-35 is just one of the many fantastic products in the Episencial product line available from EcoMom. Protective Face Balm, Soothing Cream, Playful Foaming Wash and other wonderful products ensure that children have every product they need to help clean, protect and heal sensitive skin from the many toxins and irritants in the environment.

I was especially impressed with how well the sunscreen protected delicate areas like the tip of the nose and the tops of the ears. I honestly didn’t think that Benjamin could spend so long in the sunshine without his more sensitive areas getting a little bit red. After all, when he gets annoyed, he’s red as a beet in the blink of an eye! But thanks to Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF-35, he came out of his first sunshine experience with even his most fragile skin fully protected.

If my only option were commercial sunscreen, I would probably just stay indoors rather than use it on my children’s precious skin. Thankfully, that’s not a choice I’ll have to make. Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF-35 lets me enjoy the outdoors knowing that my baby will be comfortable and protected no matter how long I stay outside. And I know that when I need any other safe, effective and eco-friendly products for my family, I will be able to find them at EcoMom. A store whose commitment to the health of my children is as great as my own is a store that I know I can trust.

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