SnackTAXI Reusable Bags-Review

As a fairly eco-conscious consumer, I try my best to make environmentally friendly decisions about the products I buy. I choose recycled items whenever possible, I avoid harsh chemical cleaners and I buy organic, locally grown food as soon as it comes into season. There are some products in my life, however, that seem almost impossible to convert into earth-friendly alternatives.

open snackTAXI snack sacksUntil recently, one such product was the ziplock bag. I certainly didn’t like the fact that every time I sent one of the plastic bags out of the house it inevitably got thrown into the garbage. At the same time, I had no other way of quickly and easily packing a sandwich into my husband’s lunch. Thankfully, I was introduced to snackTAXI, a wonderful company that has been providing adorable and reusable alternatives to the plastic bag since 2003. I was lucky enough to be able to review their fantastic products to see for myself just how well they worked.

I received a huevos citron sandwich-sack and a giraffe garden gray snack-sack to review. I loved the beautiful outer material of the snackTAXI sacks and the coated nylon interior promised easy cleaning. My oldest son Zackary adored the sacks at first sight, and insisted that he needed one for his playschool snack. I couldn’t say no, so I carefully packed his pudding and granola bar into the sandwich-sack and sent him off to playschool.

When Zackary returned home, I took his backpack and retrieved the sandwich-sack only to find the entire sack smeared with chocolate pudding. I knew that the inside would come clean without a problem, but I had no idea if the exterior would be as easy to clean. I was thrilled to see that a little dish soap and some warm water took away every trace of pudding and left the sandwich-sack looking as good as new.

snackTAXI assortmentAs far as durability and easy cleaning went, the snackTAXI sacks had definitely passed the test. I decided my next mission was to see how well the sacks handled carrying sandwiches and cookies, since that was their intended use. I put a ham sandwich in the sandwich-sack and four homemade oatmeal raisin cookies in the snack-sack, tossed the bags into my husband’s lunch box and waited to hear how they had worked.

My husband came home with a grin and told me that the snackTAXI bags had worked great for his sandwich and treats, and he loved how convenient and easy to open they were. Since the sacks don’t seal completely like a ziplock bag, I asked him if his sandwich and cookies had stayed fresh and soft. “Everything was perfect!” he declared.

SnackTAXI sacks come in a huge variety of patterns and colors that make it easy to find the perfect bags for every member of the family. SnackTAXI also offers produce-sacks, lunch-sacks and twice-as-nice napkins. The company even carries an innovative and child-friendly make-your-own-taxi kit that contains six snack-sacks and six fabric markers so that budding young artists can create their own perfect snackTAXIbags for their lunches.

snackTAXI sandwich and snack sacksThe next time that I was packing Zackary’s playschool snack, he looked at his food suspiciously. “Where’s my special bag?” he questioned me with raised eyebrows. I looked over at the counter, where my husband’s sandwich and cookies were already packed and ready in the snackTAXI sacks. My husband rolled his eyes and sighed. “Give him the bag,” he said resignedly. As I was taking out his sandwich and repacking it, he added, “But you’re going to have to get more of those things!”

I am inclined to agree with my husband on that point. Seeing how popular the snackTAXI sacks were with my family, I have no doubt that we’ll be adding quite a few more sacks to our collection over time. My favorite benefit, aside from my family’s enjoyment of course, is the fact that I have finally been able to remove the wasteful ziplock bags from our household. Thanks to snackTAXI sacks, my family is happy, I’m happy and the environment is happy. These fantastic little bags really do it all!

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