Mama Zone Eco-Responsible Disposable Diapers-Review

My long-time readers may remember when I made the switch to full-time cloth diapering. I have absolutely loved the experience, and I am so glad I did it. I continue to cloth diaper my son to this day, and I am so impressed by how easy it is and how satisfied it makes me feel. But there are those certain occasions when using a cloth diaper is a hassle instead of a pleasure, and I really didn’t know what to do in those situations.

Mama Zone diaper packThankfully, I discovered the perfect solution when I learned about Mama Zone eco-responsible disposable diapers. These innovative diapers are made with more than 50% biodegradable material, are free of chlorine, latex and fragrance and get 100% of their fluff from sustainable resources. They even feature compostable packaging! I was very excited when I was able to test them out and see how they worked.

I received a pack of size 3 (7-18 kg) Mama Zone diapers to review. The diapers looked and felt exactly like conventional diapers, and I couldn’t help but wonder how their absorbency would compare to commercial disposables. I put a diaper on Benjamin and started my observations. Benjamin’s diaper kept him completely dry for hours, and it seemed like it had the capacity to hold even more when I finally changed him. I was seriously impressed with how much they were able to hold.

I really appreciated the diapers when we did some Thanksgiving traveling. The one time that I don’t find cloth diapers convenient is when we are on the road. Having an alternative that let me minimize environmental impact without having to transport a heavy bag of soiled diapers was so wonderful! We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving at my mother’s house without having to worry about how we were going to transport and clean almost two days’ worth of cloth diapers.

I keep a few Mama Zone diapers in my diaper bag as well so that I am always prepared for an emergency. I used to constantly worry about dragging cloth diapers with me on outings, but thankfully, those days are behind me!

Mama Zone single diaperMama Zone also offers natural, biodegradable baby wipes and an assortment of baby clothing, organic baby care items and organic pregnancy skin care items. For those that are interested in seeing just how well the Mama Zone diapers work, the site is currently offering a free diaper sample so that mothers can experience for themselves just how effective these eco-friendly disposables are.

I really enjoyed the Mama Zone diapers, and I found they worked just as well as conventional disposable diapers. If you currently use disposable diapers, the Mama Zone alternative would be a great way to minimize environmental impact. And if you are a cloth diapering mother like I am, having a package of Mama Zone diapers on hand will definitely make life easier at those times when convenience is a high priority. For a disposable diaper that still shows consideration for the environment, Mama Zone diapers are a great choice.

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  1. HI! This blog and review was very helpful for me. I am looking for the best choice in eco-friendly diapers for our to-be-newborn that are available IN CANADA. But sadly, when I went to the link provided at the end of your blog, it doesn’t send me to a site where I can buy the Mama Zone diapers. I have tried find it at other retailers online, but I can’t seem to find it. Do you have any other recommendations of where to go to find them. The only other diapers I know of that are of high quality are available only in the States and it will cost me $50 USD to get them shipped to my address. I’m trying to avoid this. Your help in this would be invaluable.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Kripa! Sadly it looks like Mama Zone diapers aren’t available any more, but luckily there have been some other great eco-friendly disposable diaper brands that debuted since then! For the best bang for your buck, I like Seventh Generation diapers, which are available at, Shoppers Drug Mart and other major retailers. A pack of 96 size 2 diapers is $35, and like Mama Zone they use sustainably souced materials and no bleaching. For a pricier but even more eco-friendly option, nest Natural Plant Based Diapers are also sustainably sourced and are even compostable! But a package of 30 size 2 diapers is $16.50 at, so they do cost a little more. Hope this helps give you some options, and let me know if I can do anything else to help! :)

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