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My four-year-old son has an obsession with vehicles. He loves them all, from race cars to semi trucks to mini vans. If it has a motor and a steering wheel, chances are good that he thinks it’s the greatest thing known to mankind. Needless to say, he was introduced to remote control vehicles at a very young age.

I have found that there are generally two kinds of remote control vehicles. There are the very simplistic designs designed to be a child’s first remote controlled toy. They generally feature soft rubber bodies and controllers with two buttons. One moves the vehicle forward and the other spins the vehicle in a circle. The other feature of these “primary” remote control vehicles is their speed. Every one I have ever seen is incredibly slow.

Tonka Bounce Back Racer packageThe other category, of course, is the “adult” remote control vehicle. These range in size from a few inches to several feet and have fully functional remote controls that can turn the vehicle in any direction. They have great speed, varying degrees of durability and lots of sharp and pointy edges that make them unsuitable for young children and for indoor use.

We have a few of both styles of remote control vehicles in our household, but what I really wanted was something that combined the best of both worlds into one fantastic vehicle that Zackary would find thrilling and I would find safe. Then, the newly redesigned Hasbro Tonka Bounce Back Racer came along and fulfilled my dream.

The Tonka Bounce Back Racer is an incredibly innovative remote control vehicle that features the easy-to-use two-button controller so that preschoolers can operate it simply. It also offers the exhilarating speed that makes adult remote controlled vehicles so thrilling. One button directs the vehicle forward, while the other, rather than spinning the vehicle in a circle, directs it backwards with a slight arc to enable turning. But the Bounce Back Racer’s innovations don’t stop there!

This futuristic-looking remote control vehicle features soft, oversized tires so that when Zackary races the car around the house, my walls and furniture are left unmarred. But the best part is, when Zackary directs the vehicle into a wall or other object, the Tonka Bounce Back Racer climbs up the wall, flips over and keeps on going!

To Zackary, this remote control vehicle was a dream come true. He loved the controller’s large, easy to push buttons and was so energized by the vehicle’s speed, especially since he was using it in the house! I explained to him that this was a special toy and since it had nice, soft tires I didn’t mind if he bonked it into things.

He drove the Tonka Bounce Back Racer around the house for a bit before he chanced to drive it up to the wall. When it flipped over and headed off again, he was floored. “It flipped right over, Mom!” he exclaimed to me. “Watch! Watch what it does!”

Of course, once he had discovered the Tonka Bounce Back Racer’s most unique and entertaining feature, he couldn’t help but try it out again and again. My husband was quick to join in the fun, and soon determined that the vehicle would also flip over in the middle of the floor if the speed was high enough and he quickly changed directions. The two of them spent hours happily racing the toy around the house, unsuccessfully trying to get it stuck. The flipping feature meant that even the tightest corner was easily maneuverable.

new Tonka Bounce Back RacerThanks to the large damage-preventing tires of the vehicle, I was able to watch my husband and son’s antics with a smile. The combination of features for both parents and children really proved to me what a well-thought-out design this was. The only downside to the vehicle is that the slightly high-pitched whirring it makes can get a little tiring at times. But the joy in my son’s eyes makes the noise easy to tolerate and if I find myself feeling overstressed, I just put on a pair of headphones and listen to some music while he plays.

The redesigned Tonka Bounce Back Racer features an exciting new color scheme that Zackary immediately likened to a “super-fast race car” and two radio frequencies so that siblings or parents and their children can race around the house together. There’s no question that we’ll be getting another Bounce Back Racer when our baby is old enough to control it, and from the gleam in my husband’s eye when he “test-drives” the Tonka Bounce Back Racer we may be purchasing one even sooner than that!

The Tonka Bounce Back Racer would be the perfect gift for any child and thanks to the consideration it shows to a house’s furnishings, parents will love it too. If you have a child that has a need for speed and a yearning for adventure, you’ll definitely want to put the Tonka Bounce Back Racer on your Christmas list this year. Check it out today!

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