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To a large degree, it seems to me that toys are getting more and more complicated. Even the free toys that come with a fast food Kid’s Meal are so advanced. Zackary’s last free Kid’s Meal toy was a colorful superhero character that said three different phrases. When I was a child, the toys were made of a single color of plastic or of cardstock and did nothing. I once received a red Ronald McDonald shoehorn as a Kid’s Meal toy. What six-year-old child uses a shoehorn? (Incidentally, I have that shoehorn to this day.)

Monster Factory KyleThe advancements are amazing, but to me there is still nothing better than some of the old-fashioned classic toys that never go out of style, and “stuffies” are definitely one of my favorites. I have a huge bag of stuffed animals from when I was a child, and Zackary and Benjamin have both received many more since. Between the three of us, we may very well have almost any animal that one could name. But even with all our stuffed animal experience, I had never seen anything like the new Monster Factory plush toys.

These fanciful fellows are imaginative plush monsters with unique appearances and personalities to match. I was delighted when I was given a chance to review the Monster Factory plush toys for myself.

I received two mini plush Monster Factory toys to review. Mr. Jefferson, a green monster with a stylish scarf, enjoys board games but tends to lose his temper. Kyle, a white and blue alien-style monster, is a computing genius and a hypochondriac. I fell in love with both of these hilarious fellows as soon as I pulled them out of the box and sat down with my boys to let them choose the toy they wanted.

Zackary loved the soft roundness of Kyle, so he chose that Monster Factory character to be his own special friend. Mr. Jefferson became Benjamin’s new toy. Both boys carried their Monster Factory toys around for the entire day, and whenever Zackary set his new plush toy down, Benjamin would immediately scurry over and try to sneak it away!

Monster Factory Mr. JeffersonThese little mini monsters are the perfect size for small hands and easy transport. They stand about three inches high and are incredibly soft! Zackary sleeps with his Monster Factory friend every night, and Benjamin loves to take Mr. Jefferson with him on our daily walk. He usually tugs on the plush toy’s scarf, chews on the hands and just generally mauls his toy contentedly for almost the entire trip.

Monster Factory plush toys come in a variety of different styles including studio sizes, limited editions and the adorable mini plush toys, and are available at select retail stores and online. With their small size and whimsical design, these endearingly odd characters would make the perfect stocking stuffer for children of all ages. Zackary and Benjamin both adore their Monster Factory friends, and I love the individual names and personalities that came with the toys. For a unique and loveable gift that children are sure to enjoy, check out the Monster Factory toys for yourself!

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