Maple Landmark Name Trains Review

There aren’t many kids that don’t love trains. Zackary has always loved cars more than any other vehicle, but he has the same fascination with train sets that most other boys do and one of his favourite joys is to play with the boy next door because of the huge train set the other boy has.

One day I would like to get a proper train table for Zackary, but in the meantime I decided he needed some sort of small train to play with right away. Fortunately, I was given a chance to review the beautiful Name Trains offered by Maple Landmark.

maple landmark name trainThis great eco-friendly company makes rocking horses, trains, building blocks and other toys from both hard and soft wood with a variety of non-toxic finishes and I couldn’t wait to test out Maple Landmark’s most popular product, Name Trains.

Featuring an engine and a caboose with the letters of a child’s name in between, these trains looked like the perfect way of combining fun and learning. Best of all, they are compatible with all the most popular wooden train set brands!

I received a hard maple name train that spelled the name Tyler to review. Since Zackary is old enough to read and sound out words, I made sure I mixed up the letters and then told him that it was an alphabet train. He accepted my statement happily and then sat down to hitch and unhitch the cars from one another.

The cars feature the popular magnetic linking system that most wooden train sets use and it is a huge attraction of the train. There is something about attaching and detaching the magnetic cars that kids just seem to find so appealing.

The colours on the train were also a wonderful feature. They were bright and vibrant so Zackary just loved them, but the colouring was also completely non-toxic. I loved knowing that Maple Landmark considered both the environment and my child’s safety when they made their products.

The high quality of the train is obvious and I really appreciated the fact that the hard maple used in the train’s construction was locally sourced and sustainably harvested. If care and consideration is used, wood can be one of the most eco-friendly products on earth and Maple Landmark obviously understands that.

maple landmark name train single carI was thrilled with the beautiful train I received from Maple Landmark and so was Zackary. Because he doesn’t have a track for the train, he does sometimes get frustrated by the train tipping over when he drives it, but most of the time he is completely happy sitting and rolling his train around on the floor. I think a wooden train track may be in our future!

Maple Landmark Name Trains would make a phenomenal gift for a new baby and are the perfect choice for a special birthday too. With both bright and pastel colours and some great accessories that let the trains be used either as toys or as décor pieces, everyone of any age can enjoy the beauty of a personalized Name Train. Check them out for yourself and get ready to enjoy a beautiful and original eco-friendly toy!

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  1. Thank you for the review. I did see them on Amazon and but was not sure about their quality. Now I know

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