Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Cake Review

If there’s one thing almost everyone loves about summer, it’s ice cream. And when a summer celebration features not just ice cream, but a tasty ice cream cake, that’s even better. I had heard a lot about Cold Stone Creamery coming to select Tim Horton’s locations in Canada and the absolutely luscious ice cream treats the chain offered, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to try one of the mouth-watering creations for myself. So when I got the chance to review one of the store’s sumptuous ice cream cakes just in time for Canada Day, I was delighted.

cold stone creamery mint chip cakeChoosing a cake is no easy task; they all sound fabulous! In addition to Cold Stone Creamery’s great selection of signature ice cream cakes, customers can even create their own cake by choosing their favourite ice cream and mix-in, devil’s food or yellow layer cake and creamy frosting or rich fudge ganache topping. I pondered creating my own cake, but I finally decided to order the Mmmmmmmint Chip Ice Cream Cake, with a slight adjustment. I’ve never been a big fan of white frosting, which was what the cake was usually topped with. So I instead requested to have the creamy mint ice cream cake topped with the rich fudge ganache topping.

When we picked up the cake, the employees were so friendly and helpful. “We made that especially for you this morning!” the man working in the back called out to us with a smile as the cashier handed us our masterpiece. We only got a quick peek at the cake before popping it into an insulated grocery bag, but that one peek was enough to have my mouth watering.

After supper that night, we pulled out the cake. It looked absolutely decadent topped with the rich fudge ganache and the cake even had pretty rosettes of light green frosting with halved Oreos in the centre. The overall look was just scrumptious. My husband cut and served the cake and we all eagerly dug in.

cold stone creamery signature creationThe cake tasted as good as it looked. The mint ice cream was sensational and the chocolate shavings mixed into the ice cream added an extra special touch. The layer cake was moist and delicious and the fudge ganache topping turned an already delicious cake into a complete chocolate-lover’s indulgence! Over the next few days we spoiled ourselves with a piece of cake for dessert every evening. I was really impressed with how long the cake lasted. Our two boys had smallish pieces of course, but even so, I would never have expected that one cake would have given us fifteen servings!

My first experience with Cold Stone Creamery was a fabulous one and it definitely won’t be my last. A Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Cake is a sure-fire way to turn an ordinary day into a special one and make a special day even better! If you’ve been craving an ice cream treat this summer and not just any treat will do, stop into Cold Stone Creamery and check out some of the amazing ice cream treats available. They’re the perfect way to celebrate summer!

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  1. It would definitely be a toss up between the Coffee House Crunch and the Cookie Dough Delirium! I love all of cold stone’s ice cream and don’t think you can go wrong :)!

  2. oh i cant decide between the Midnight Delight and the Peanut Butter Playground sounds soo good, i was soo happy to see this giveaway and a chance to win tims card, my favorite place ever
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