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I am so lucky to have spent my entire life in a town small enough that I always feel safe outside Whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night, I can walk down the street knowing that my house is only a few blocks away and that there are neighbours around me that would immediately come running to help if something threatened me.

In a city, I don’t feel nearly so secure. Even if I’m just walking from one store to another, I can’t help but be more aware of the people around me. During the day, I don’t mind it much. But I can sometimes get downright frightened walking alone on the streets of a city at night.

ila dusk chinese flowersYet what’s the solution? In an emergency, few women have the calm calculation needed to quickly draw a bottle of pepper spray or some other form of defence. (Not to mention the fact that such items are usually lost in the bottom of a purse anyways!) Fortunately, a new company called ila Security has come to the rescue with a fabulous line of women’s personal alarms that are designed to be easy to use, stylish and effective.

I received the ila Dusk and the ila Pebble to review. The ila Dusk is the classic personal alarm and it is definitely not designed to hide in the bottom of a purse! One of the things that make ila Security personal alarms so ingenious is the fact that they are designed to be accessories. I received the Chinese Flowers design to review and it was just beautiful with a sleek silver body about the size of an MP3 player and a pattern of white flowers on a baby blue background on the front.

The ila Dusk clips onto a purse or key ring and with the range of styles available, coordinating is no problem. But what others see as just a stylish accessory is actually an incredibly useful safety device. A pretty silver chain dangles from the bottom of the device and in case of an emergency, a woman simply needs to grab the chain and pull it out to activate a 130db scream designed to disorient an attacker while at the same time increasing the chances that somebody will respond.

I learned on the ila Security website that studies show others are more likely to respond to the sound of a scream than they are to the sound of an alarm and when I thought about this, it made perfect sense. After all, how often do car alarms and house alarms go off accidentally? Many people don’t even notice the sound anymore! But the sound of a woman screaming in terror always grabs a person’s attention.

ila pebble personal alarmOf course, I had to try the ila Dusk out for myself! I waited until the house was empty and then pulled the pin on the ila Dusk alarm. The sound was surprisingly shrill and certainly realistic. I can’t imagine a thief not being alarmed if they suddenly heard that!

I also received the adorable ila Pebble. This alarm is a pretty key ring that is also a discreet mini personal alarm. Many women take out their keys as an unconscious security mechanism when out at night and with the ila Pebble, having your keys in your hand really can help keep you safe! The Pebble features a button in the centre and if the need arises, a woman can simply push down on the button while pulling the keys away. The key ring will then separate from the keys, activating the 130db alarm yet still leaving you with your keys in your hand!

I really liked the way that the alarm ensured a woman didn’t lose her keys. We’ve all seen those ominous movie scenes of a woman in an empty parking lot unlocking the door of her car. Imagine how handy an alarm like this would be for a situation like that! Unlike the ila Dusk, the Pebble emits a more standard squealing alarm rather than a high-pitched scream, but it was still a very startling sound and sure to be upsetting when triggered unexpectedly.

In addition to the items I received, ila Security also carries some other fabulous multi-functional personal alarm products including the ila Sport with a built-in pedometer and the ila Wedge doorstop alarm.

Overall, I found the ila Security products to be easy to use, effective and so stylish. I hope I’ll never need to use them, but I’m certainly glad to have them just in case. An ila alarm would make a great gift for a friend or a teenage daughter and is a handy item to pick up for yourself as well. Check out the collection today and find a personal alarm that suits your style while it keeps you safe!

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