Zarbee’s All-Natural Children’s Cough Syrup-Review and Giveaway

There’s been a lot of controversy about infants and toddlers being given cough medicine when they get sick, and while I don’t have a strong opinion about whether commercial cough syrup is helpful or hurtful for treating the symptoms of colds and flu, I do know that if there is a natural alternative for my children, I would much rather use that.

zarbee's all-natural children's cough syrupSo I was delighted when I learned about Zarbee’s, an all-natural cough syrup designed for kids over one year of age. Zarbee’s cough syrup is a blend of antioxidant-rich dark honeys and vitamin C that both suppresses coughs and boosts immunity. It sounded like a great safe alternative to controversial commercial products.

I am a huge believer in the health benefits of honey and I was so excited to see it being used in a cough syrup. One of my favourite sore throat soothers is my mother’s beloved “hot water with honey and lemon” that helped get me through so many colds and flues as a child. This syrup uses the same types of ingredients, but is convenient enough to use any time without lengthy preparations.

The next time Benjamin got a bit of a cough, I went right for the Zarbee’s. The cough syrup has a tangy cherry flavour that Benjamin really liked, and it did seem to soothe his throat. I loved that I could naturally relieve the pain and dryness of his little throat and not have to worry about harmful side effects or accidentally giving him too much of the product.

Zarbee’s is safe for anyone over one year of age and when I start to get a scratchy throat, I often take a teaspoon of the syrup myself. The entire family loves Zarbee’s cough syrup and since it helps boost the immune system, I have found that it is especially helpful to give my boys a spoonful as soon as they start showing symptoms of getting sick. In addition to relieving their first symptoms, it seems to sometimes help avert the onset of the cold.

But perhaps the best thing about Zarbee’s is that it is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. I remember so well how hard it was to find treatments that were safe for me to use when I was pregnant. I only wish I had known about Zarbee’s then! The company recently posted a great article of tips for dealing with illness when pregnant and if you’re expecting it is a must-read! If you want a safe, natural alternative to commercial cough syrup for your children or for yourself, try out Zarbee’s cough syrup. It has a great kid-friendly flavour and you may just find yourself surprised by the natural soothing and healing power of antioxidant-rich honey!

Buy It: Zarbee’s All-Natural Children’s Cough Syrup is available at pharmacies, grocery stores and mass retailers across North America

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  1. I love the Zarbees All Natural Childrens Cough & Sleep Drink – it is great for calming a child’s cough so they can sleep :)

  2. i love that its 100% natural
    Contain no drugs
    Contain no alcohol
    Contain no artificial flavors or colors
    Gluten free

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