Taste the Goodness of the New Freshly Baked Dempster’s Bagels!

Have you heard the legend of the bagel? There is an old story about a ruler who, centuries ago, was looking for new sources of income and decided to charge a tax on the ovens that bakers used to make their bread. One innovative baker decided that to avoid the tax, he would cook his bread dough in boiling water instead of baking it. And so the bagel was created. In fact, some people even claim that the ruler was so delighted by the new, chewy delicacy that he cancelled the tax on the bake ovens!

Dempster's 12 Grains BagelsWhether or not this story is true, there is one part of it that almost every person agrees with: bagels are delicious! And recently Dempster’s has made the already-popular bagel even better with a brand new recipe that is baked fresh every day! I am a huge bagel lover and so I was very excited when I received some coupons to try out the new bagels for myself.

The bagels come in eight tasty varieties and I decided to choose the Sesame Bagels and the WholeGrains 12 Grain Bagels for my family. I love these varieties because my husband can satisfy his sweet tooth with a jam-topped bagel while I indulge in a savoury snack by topping my bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese!

I tried the Dempster’s Sesame bagels first and I immediately noticed how soft and chewy they seemed compared to most bagels. They really did have a fresh look and feel. I popped one in the toaster and when it popped up and I had topped it with butter, I took that first bite.

The outside of the bagel had toasted to crispy perfection, but the inside of the bagel was just as soft and chewy as it had been when I took it out of the bag. I really loved the soft texture of these bagels; I sometimes find bagels can be a little tough after toasting, but the new Dempster’s bagels weren’t tough at all!

The 12 Grain bagels were even better in my opinion; I loved that they had flax in them. And to make my son’s lunches a little more interesting, I decided to send him to school with a bagel sandwich for a few days too. He devoured his turkey and cheese bagels and I loved that he was getting all the benefits of the different grains in the bagel every day! If you love bagels, why not treat yourself to a bag of freshly baked Dempster’s Bagels? The new recipe is so tasty and has such a great soft and chewy texture that you’re sure to fall in love with bagels all over again!

Buy It: Dempster’s Bagels are available at major grocery stores across Canada

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