Get Ready To Laugh with the Looney Tunes: Pepe Le Pew C DVD-Review

When I was a child, one of my favourite activities was waking up early on Saturday morning and sneaking quietly downstairs to watch cartoons.

And while there were lots of shows that I liked, one of the only cartoons that I still enjoy to this very day is Looney Tunes from Warner Brothers. So I was very excited when I got the chance to review Looney Tunes: Pepe Le Pew Collection, a new collection of Looney Tunes classic cartoons starring the charming and odorous Pepe Le Pew! Here’s a brief synopsis:

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Sniffing around for di-stink-tly hilarious animated antics? You’re in luck, ma cherie! This DVD contains a nose-crinkling collection of cartoons starring the most malodorous mammal ever to go lookin’ for l’amour with all the wrong species: Pepe Le Pew! Including 14 shorts never before seen on video or DVD, these 17 tres aromatique outings feature the love-struck skunk falling hard for felines, canines and – sacre maroon! – the occasional fur coat!

My husband and I were so excited to watch these classic cartoons once again. What is so wonderful about Looney Tunes is that while the show is enjoyable for children to watch, the episodes also have a level of sophistication in the humour that adults enjoy too!

My son had never seen the adventures of Pepe Le Pew before and so we all had a great time laughing at the poor lovelorn skunk’s antics. It was so much fun for me and my husband to introduce Zackary to a cartoon from our childhood! Here’s one of the clips from the DVD:

You can purchase Looney Tunes: Pepe Le Pew Collection by visiting the Warner Bros online store. Check out the collection for yourself and have fun enjoying “zee best of the zee best” of Pepe Le Pew!

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