Master Lock 1534D Password Locks Let You Secure Your Belongings with a Word-Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I shared information about Master Lock’s participation in National Random Acts of Kindness Week and some of the company’s great initiatives such as holding promotions on the Master Lock Facebook page and handing out free 1534D Set-Your-Own Combination Password Locks to gym-goers to encourage healthy lifestyles. Master Lock also handed one of these clever Password Locks to me and I couldn’t wait to test it out and see how it worked!

master lock 1534d password lock assortmentThe lock had five rings containing a combination of letters, numbers and symbols and included three extra rings so that I could mix and match to find my perfect secure password.

The lock came preset with a generic password, so the first step to changing it was to open the lock and take off the spring-loaded metal end cap. Once that was done, I could slide the five rings off the end of the lock. Underneath the rings was a solid red line and keeping it lined up with the Master Lock logo on the side of the lock was essential since that is how the lock opens. My husband and I chose our password and then he carefully slid on the five rings so that the combination we wanted was directly on top of the red line and parallel to the Master Lock logo on the side. Finally, he popped the end cap back into place.

And just like that, the lock was ready to use! I loved the fact that the rings had both letters and numbers to make setting a secure password easier; there are over 25 million possible combinations for this clever lock. My husband decided to use the lock on our trailer and now that I see it there I can’t wait until we go camping! It will be so much fun to lock up the trailer when we head off to go swimming or fishing and then come back and unlock it with a special word!

master lock 1534d lock closeupAnd if even words sometimes escape you just when you really need them, you’ll love Master Lock’s brand new Master Lock Vault service available at! This free online service gives users a safe and convenient place to store up to five of their passwords or other data for quick and easy access from their computer, iPhone or mobile devices!

The Master Lock 1543D Password Lock would be an ideal lock for school or gym lockers and is a great multi-purpose indoor lock. While we are planning on using it for our trailer just for a bit of extra security, it really isn’t a heavy-duty outdoor lock. But it is perfect for anyone that has trouble remembering the numbers of more standard combination locks! If you or your child is looking for a fun, easy and effective way to secure your belonging, check out this handy lock for yourself. You’ll have a blast choosing a combination you can remember with ease!

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  1. This would be great on my sons gym locker–things are always missing that it gets a little spendy to replace

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