Make Everyone Smile with the Mini Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Playhouse Playset and RC Cruiser-Giveaway

More and more I find that it seems like children’s toys have to “do” something all by themselves: talk, sing, dance, drive…electronic toys have really taken over the market. And although our house certainly has its fair share of battery-powered entertainment, I still really like to encourage my kids to make-believe and use their imaginations with traditional toys like blocks, ponies and doctor’s kits.

mini lalaloopsy sew sweet playhouseSo when we got the chance to review the Mini Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Playhouse Playset from MGA Toys, I was hopeful that my daughters would be able to have some creative fun with this battery-free toy. The Mini Lalaloopsy dolls are whimsical miniature rag doll characters and this playset looked like it would be fun for any little girl.

Sure enough, the Mini Lalaloopsy Playhouse had a lot of cute features that my daughters just loved. Anna enjoyed setting the dolls up on the porch swing or at the picnic table for a mug of lemonade. There is even a garden hose for watering the little flower pots that can be arranged around the house!

Along with the playhouse we also received the Mini Lalaloopsy RC cruiser. Okay, so this item is not without batteries after all. But you know, I think it was a great combination! When Anna and Isabelle got tired of the stationary playhouse, they would pop their characters into the car, drive them around the town or off to school or wherever else they wanted and then come back home to the playhouse for more creative fun.

The combination of these two Mini Lalaloopsy toys was really a nice way to bridge my girls’ desire for electronics with my desire for more old-fashioned play. The best part was watching them carefully tuck their characters behind the seatbelts in the RC Cruiser while giving their dolls a safety lesson and a warning about police and seatbelt tickets!

mini lalaloopsy rc cruiserSpeaking of a safety lesson, be aware that the Mini Lalaloopsy playsets do have a lot of small pieces that would not be suitable for very young children. I had the toy in mind for my four-year-old but of course my two-and-a-half-year-old could not be left out so I made sure to keep an eye on her as my girls played. They both had fun with it but the manufacturer does recommend ages four and up.

So that your kids can enjoy some creative playtime of their own, MGA Toys is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own Mini Lalaloopsy RC Cruiser! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about your child’s current favourite toy. And the Mini Lalaloopsy line has many more cute playsets and characters to let your little girls enjoy some imaginative fun. Check the website to find a retailer near you!

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116 thoughts on “Make Everyone Smile with the Mini Lalaloopsy Sew Sweet Playhouse Playset and RC Cruiser-Giveaway”

  1. gibberish (Julie G.)

    I’d say my grandduaghter’s favourite toy right now is her baby doll. She drags it everywhere with her.
    rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  2. Right now it’s anything that’s a car- hot wheels, barbie car. Everyday a different car, but always cars.

  3. Isabelle Simard

    My daughters always says they don’t have enough toys…They love play doctors, school, mommy

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