Embrace the Little Joys of Life by Celebrating Everyday Moments

party tableHolidays are full of wonderful memories, because everyone goes out of their way to make those days special.

But everyday life can be equally special when you keep in mind the idea that celebrations can happen anytime.

For instance, did one of your children just get a new tooth or ride that bike all the way to the end of the street? Did you wake up this morning feeling sentimental about a first date, an old friend or the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

Any day can be worthy of a spontaneous celebration, regardless of what the calendar says.

What Children Learn

Get the kids involved in planning a party. They’ll enjoy seeing that while parties are frequently held to honor big occasions like a birthday or graduation, they can also make an ordinary day more festive.

Any day is appropriate for a spur-of-the-moment celebration, and children will soon become experts at finding reasons to celebrate. A dry diaper two nights in a row? A compliment from the teacher? A letter showing an exotic foreign stamp?

By honoring such occasions, you’ll be showing your little ones that in order to make the most of everyday life, it’s important to notice and appreciate small events as well as the big ones.

What might seem like ordinary incidents can become special when viewed with an attitude of gratitude. And nothing says “special” better than a celebration.

What To Prepare

There’s no need to spend money on distinctive refreshments or decorations. The party can take place in the evening when everyone is home or occur after school or nap-time. What matters is that each celebration takes on a theme of its own.

Let the kids make decorations in honor of the event. Whether it’s a sheet of paper with a few crayon scrawls or a carefully drawn picture, put their work on display.

Since other artwork might stay on display longer than just an hour or two, taking down the decorations after the party proves that it was an exceptional moment.

Choose refreshments that reflect the occasion. While apples might be served at four parties in a row, they can take on a new name each time. Sweet Surprise, Crunchy Critters, Doctor Away, Natural Goodies – have fun picking titles for each snack or drink.

Older children can come up with inventive names on their own, so let them help create a menu featuring whatever is already on hand.

Select a particular theme. You do not need to buy extravagant decorations. Pull your old beach shirts out of storage, set up the beach chairs and light a refreshing candle or put out some potpourri with a tropical scent.  Now it’s party time!

Sharing Ideas

Celebrating everyday events becomes easier with practice and many people have already developed their own ways to make an ordinary day special. What are some you’ve discovered?

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  1. Nicole Robinson @TheBookWormMama

    Celebrating small things is a great way to teach kids to have an attitude of gratitude. I like the idea of having little ones help with the party plans. I can think of a few things my family can celebrate today. Thanks for the reminder.

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