Discover the World and Keep Your Kids Content with Emirates Airline

Our family is staying pretty close to home this summer but for those that are flying off on a once-in-a-lifetime travelling adventure (or just planning one for the future), Emirates, the world’s fastest growing airline, is ready to make the flight experience as much fun for your little ones as the vacation itself will be!

Emirates Airline has its hub in Dubai but the fleet actually flies to over 120 destinations in six continents. And because the airline knows how important a child’s comfort is to a parent, the staff goes above and beyond to keep your child happy and entertained during the flight.

From age-appropriate movies to a special kids menu to activity-filled backpacks for each child, there’s lots of fun for kids while flying!

I received one of the backpacks so that I could see for myself the special treatment a child on an Emirates flight receives and I knew at a glance that this was one backpack any kid would get excited about.

boy with backpack in summer
Benjamin’s always wished he had a backpack like his big brother. Now finally he does and he absolutely loves it!

The backpacks are filled with different items depending on the age of the child receiving the backpack and the length of the flight. Packed with toys, books, activities and comfort items, the contents could easily keep a child occupied for days!

boys in farm machinery
Zackary and Benjamin decided that the antique farm machinery at the museum were rides for their “Fly With Me” Monsters. Seeing how they posed them was a blast!

I’ve been saving most of the items in the backpack for our upcoming camping trip but I have taken out a few of the items in the backpack for my boys on the days when they needed a little extra entertainment.

toys on farm machinery
The “Fly With Me” Monsters love to hang around!

Benjamin has had a great time putting on shows with the charming Pedro Parrot hand puppet. And when we were making a trip to our local museum recently, I gave the boys the cute “Fly With Me” Monsters Blanket Buddy and Seat Belt Critter in the backpack.

Zackary and Benjamin has such a great time with “Big Camus” and “Little Camus” and they spent almost an hour carrying their friends around and posing them on some of the different pieces of farm machinery.

emirates airline kids pack

I love the fact that Emirates takes such good care of the children on its flights and I really hope that our family will be able to experience one of its flights first-hand one day.

I did a lot of travelling in my younger days and it was such a valuable experience for me. I want to give my boys that same opportunity and when I do, I know what airline I’ll be choosing to whisk us away on our adventure!

If you’re planning a trip to another country, Emirates Airline will make sure that you and your children both have the best flight experience possible!

mommy kat and kids RP

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  1. My daughter would take this on road trips but first she would do the ‘pretend’ adventure at home. She does that a lot… right down to packing clothes!

  2. I have 4 under the age of 6 so I bet there would be something for each to entertain in our backyard advantures!

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