New Provincial Signature Creations from Cold Stone Creamery Celebrate the Best of Your Province

Today is National Ice Cream Day and thanks to Cold Stone Creamery, my family was able to celebrate the day in style with the fabulous new Cold Stone Creamery Provincial Signature Creations! These scrumptious limited edition Signature Creations have names and ingredients that are made especially for your province and I was so excited to try the Saskatchewan Wheat King Coronation for myself.

cold stone creamery provincial signature creations

The treat was created with Saskatchewan’s golden fields of wheat in mind and combined Cake Batter ice cream, SKOR chocolate bars, golden yellow cake chunks and creamy caramel. It was a creation fit for a king (or queen!) and my husband and I couldn’t wait to test it out.

When we arrived, the staff was so helpful about making our treats. They hadn’t heard about the new Provincial Signature Creations but they kindly looked up the name in their computer and found the Saskatchewan Wheat King Coronation listed there so that they could make our treats for us. The sight of cake, chocolate and caramel being blended into the ice cream had my mouth watering and the creation tasted as good as it looked! I’ve tried a few of the Cold Stone Creamery Signature Creations in the past but this was by far my favourite and I’m crossing my fingers that they make it part of the regular menu.

cold stone creamery saskatchewan wheat king coronation

A word of caution though: it is rich! I managed to eat every bite of my Love It-sized creation but my husband ordered his treat in a waffle bowl and in the end he simply couldn’t finish both the ice cream masterpiece AND the bowl! The boys, of course, stuck with their own tried-and-true kid-friendly favourites: Strawberry and Orange Cream ice cream blended with gummy bears!

Indulging in the Saskatchewan Wheat King Coronation Signature Creation was the perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day and make a dreary Sunday in July a little more fun. And there are nine other Provincial Signature Creations to enjoy too! Why not stop by your nearest Cold Stone Creamery and try a treat created especially for your home province? If the rest of the creations are anything like the Saskatchewan specialty, you’re in for some seriously delicious fun!
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