Clean Your Whole House in a Flash with the Eco-Friendly Ultimate Cloth

I’ve never been crazy about cleaning, but after the birth of my boys, I had no choice but to work a little harder at keeping things clean and organized. I’d thought I was messy, but I had nothing on my boys!

If I hadn’t changed my ways, our house would have been chaos in a week. As I developed an effective cleaning routine, I started to find eco-friendly cleaners and products to make the job easier and these days, I have a whole cupboard of cleaners to help me keep my house looking its best.

ultimate cloth on windowsThen Ultimate Cloth got in touch with me to see if I was interested in reviewing its unique cleaning cloths. These Mirafiber cloths are designed to be used only with water to clean dirt, oil, soap scum and much more.

For an eco-friendly reformed slob like me, they sounded like a dream come true. I received a package of Ultimate Cloth products of different sizes and I couldn’t wait to see how they worked.

To use a cloth for cleaning, I simply had to thoroughly saturate it with water, wring it out well and then use it to wipe any surface that needed cleaning.

The Ultimate Cloth is guaranteed not to streak or spot, so I decided the first thing I would clean with the Ultimate Cloth would be our windows.

Using the cloth really was amazing. When I first wiped the glass, a thin layer of tiny droplets of water was left on the surface.

It looked horrible, yet as the droplets evaporated, the surface of the glass was absolutely spotless! The window looked brand new and I couldn’t believe how easy it had been!

The Ultimate Cloth can also be used for cleaning kitchen messes, dusting, wiping tables, and even cleaning leather furniture.

It is machine-washable, bleachable, guaranteed to last for five years and can be used on virtually any surface in your home. I loved being able to use one cloth and not a single cleaning product to do so many of my daily chores!

toaster cleaned with ultimate cloth
Here’s a before and after of my toaster, which I cleaned using the Ultimate Cloth and water. I let it get this dirty just so that I could show you how great the cloth cleans. Yeah…let’s go with that.

The Ultimate Cloth has made my household cleaning so much quicker and easier, and I love not having to use a cupboard full of cleaning supplies to keep my home looking great.

Whether I’m cleaning our stainless steel appliances, the screen of my smartphone and laptop or the boys’ sticky, dirty toys, all I need to get the job done perfectly is an Ultimate Cloth and water. Check it out for yourself and see just how effective the Ultimate Cloth is!

mommy kat and kids RP

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  1. I learnt the process to remove the chemicals from your stainless steel appliances and after you do it you can then spot clean your stainless steel appliances

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