Keep Winter Clothing Smelling Great with Lysol Fabric Mist

While some places in Canada are still relatively warm, Saskatchewan has welcomed winter in style with a huge snowfall! Last week the province suddenly went from balmy autumn weather to a winter wonderland and that meant that I had to quickly dive into the storage closet to pull out boots, ski pants and scarves for my boys.

Storing winter clothes is something that’s always a bit of a challenge in our little house. When winter ends, outdoor wear is put on hangers and stored in our upstairs closet. But even though I wash the coats and ski pants before putting them in the closet, they sometimes come out smelling a little musty. So how do I make sure that winter gear comes out of the closet fresh and ready to wear?

boy outside in winter snow

First of all, making sure that winter wear is clean and dry is essential. After washing and drying, I always leave coats and ski pants hanging out in the open for a day or two to ensure that they are thoroughly dry

Next I pop a sachet of dried lavender collected from our garden into the pockets of the winter coats. Not only does it help to ensure that the coats stay sweet-smelling, it helps repel moths just in case any manage to get into the house in warmer weather. When the time comes to pull the coats out of the closet, I just throw away the sachet and enjoy fresh, clean winter wear.

Of course, sometimes I forget to properly prep winter clothing before storage or just simply run out of time. When that happens, I turn to my fabric-freshening essential, Lysol Fabric Mist! It’s a great way to quickly and easily freshen up winter wear that might come out of the closet not so fresh. I love the fact that it actually kills odour-causing bacteria to eliminate smells permanently rather than just covering them up.

And Lysol Fabric Mist is also a great product to keep close at hand all winter long! My boys are terrible for tossing their winter gear in a pile as soon as they walk through the door and while I try my best to pick up the coats and scarves, I occasionally miss an item. When something starts smelling from sitting wet on the floor too long, I just give it a quick spray of Lysol Fabric Mist and hang it over the register. Winter gear smells fresh in no time!

Pulling out winter clothing can be a bit of a hassle but with some preparation and quick tricks, all your family’s winter clothing will look and smell great. Make sure to stop by the Lysol Canada Facebook page for more great tips on keeping your possessions clean and fresh. How do you ensure your family’s outdoor clothes come out of the closet ready to wear?

Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol® Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

5 thoughts on “Keep Winter Clothing Smelling Great with Lysol Fabric Mist”

      1. I bought a North Face dark grey and white parka at a boxing day 50% off sale at a local sporting goods store. The dark grey was practical, but the zipper was absolutely horrid so i sold it. The white is just awesome, but in the boxing day madness was stepped on all over and has shoe track marks.

        Not sure what i was thinking in buying it. i should have asked for a further discount :[ i really hope dry cleaning will get it back to pristine white.

        1. Well mine started out pristine white, but I’ve never been all that prim and proper when it comes to clothing anyways and with two boys grabbing at me…yeah, I really should have thought that through. White really is just awesome, though. :)

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