Warm Someone’s Heart with Adorable Hot Water Bottles from Warm Tradition

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you’re looking for a way to show your loved ones how warm and cuddly they make you feel, Warm Tradition has the perfect gift idea for you!

The company’s shaped hot water bottles and covers will help adults and children alike stay nice and warm on the chilliest February day.

warm traditions water bottles

I recently received the company’s Cozy Bear Hot Water Bottle to review and I knew it would make the perfect valentine for my youngest son since he absolutely loves stuffed animals.

The design of this bear is so clever. The bottle is a square shape that tucks perfectly into the body of the bear when inserted upside-down.

The tail of the bear has a space for the spout of the bottle and the back pocket then closes with a simple Velcro strip. I filled the bottle with hot tap water, tucked it into the bear’s body and gave the toy to my little Valentine.

Benjamin absolutely loved the cuddly bear and commented on how his new friend was “warm and soft” as he hugged it tightly. He sat on the couch for quite some time hugging his new teddy bear. The two made such a cute pair!

benjamin warm tradition bear

Warm Tradition also offers heart-shaped hot water bottles, bottles with cozy plush fabric covers and fun plush animal hot water bottle covers so no matter who you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Day, you’re sure to find a cute option at Warm Tradition that will help your loved one stay warm!

112 thoughts on “Warm Someone’s Heart with Adorable Hot Water Bottles from Warm Tradition”

  1. I’d love the pretty Warm Tradition Night Sky Fleece Covered Hot Water Bottle! :) It looks like a warm and cozy addition to a cold night!

    1. Oh wait, the Warm Tradition Jacob the Sheep Hot Water Bottle is so much sweeter! I’d rather have that one as it would be even more relevant to put in a bed!

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