Enjoy Fish Regularly with BlueWater Seafood Gluten Free Grill Fish-Giveaway

Fish has to be one of the most delicious, healthy and versatile foods around and I make a point of cooking up a main course featuring fish whenever I get the chance. BlueWater Seafood, a company that I’ve featured in the past on Mommy Kat and Kids, has fabulous variety and options the whole family loves. And recently, the company has undergone the testing and monitoring necessary to ensure that the BlueWater Grill Fish is gluten free!

bluewater grill fish haddockFinding tasty gluten free dinner choices isn’t always easy and while I don’t have a problem digesting gluten, I do prefer limiting my carbs when possible so I was excited to try the new gluten free Grill Fish line that BlueWater now offers.

I received full-value coupons and a handy reusable sling bag so that I could try a few different variety of BlueWater Seafood and I had no problem filling up the bag with tasty BlueWater products. I decided to try the gluten free Grill Fish Haddock and I also bought some Multigrain Tilapia fillets because they featured added fibre and I knew my boys would love them.

I decided to create a complete gluten-free meal by serving the Grill Fish with steamed brown rice and a simple Greek salad containing romaine, tomatoes, black olives and feta cheese topped with a homemade oil and vinegar dressing. The finished meal was light and delicious, yet still filling. And it was a kid-pleaser too, which is always a plus for me. My boys shied away from the salad but they devoured their fish and rice!

BlueWater Grilled Gluten Free Sushi WrapMany health organizations recommend that Canadians enjoy two servings of fish weekly to reap its many health benefits. To make that easier, BlueWater is providing one lucky reader with a prize package of free seafood for an entire month (in the form of 8 full value product coupons) and a great BlueWater sling bag, a $59 value! To enter to win, just check out the BlueWater Seafood recipe page and leave a blog comment about a recipe you’d love to try.

Whether you’re looking for high-fibre main dishes, gluten free options or just a fish main course your kids will actually eat, BlueWater has selection that will be sure to satisfy. So check out the variety for yourself and add the health benefits of fish to your diet!
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