Weaver’s Coffee Seasonal Astral Blend Supports Breast Cancer Research-Giveaway

Last year I discovered the organic artisan coffee and tea from Weaver’s Coffee & Tea and I became an instant convert. These products are absolutely sublime; there’s really no other way to describe them. From the dark and rich Espresso Blend whole bean coffee to the fragrant and complex Mango Black tea, I fell in love with Weaver’s and the company’s commitment to providing only the best coffee and tea from organic, fair trade sources.

Recently, the company released its seasonal Astral Blend, a variety I had the chance to try last year as well. It has a very bright flavour and I found it to be perfect for that first cup of coffee in the morning. But this coffee isn’t just addictively delicious. It’s also coffee that supports a very important cause and it’s one of the reasons I’m such a passionate supporter of the Weaver’s brand.

weaver's astral blend

All Weaver’s Coffee is hand roasted using organic, fair trade certified beans. It’s part of the core values of the company that the products they offer are not only of the highest quality but are also sourced so that the farmers that grow and harvest the beans can provide for their families.

But Weaver’s seasonal Astral Blend is even more special, as sales of this blend support breast cancer research and treatment. In fact, master roaster John Weaver crafted Astral Blend to honour his mother and the women in his life. And after one sip of this coffee, it’s easy to see why John Weaver is considered one of the most accomplished coffee roasters in the world.

astral blend weaver's coffee gift set

Weaver’s Coffee and Tea wants to give you the chance to try this very special seasonal blend for yourself, so the company is very generously offering two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers an Astral Blend prize pack worth $48! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about the most important woman in your life.

It means a lot to me when I can support a company that is so passionate about bettering the lives of women in different ways. From Weaver’s support of fair trade certified products that help raise women in third-world countries out of poverty to its donations to breast cancer research that assist women right here in North America, I can’t help but appreciate the values of Weaver’s Coffee and Tea as much as I appreciate the delicious coffee. Check out the company’s products for yourself and experience the Weaver’s difference!
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