Glup Baby Accessories Provide Practical and Trendy Essentials for Little Ones-Giveaway

When my boys were babies, I learned for the first time how much easier life could be with the right baby gear. I had that common mentality of thinking that all strollers, diaper bags and infant outerwear was the same until I was actually using some different products. That’s when it became clear that well-designed baby products were worth their weight in gold to a frazzled new mom.

glup drool bibThose ideas are the cornerstone of mom-owned baby accessory company Glup Bebe. Sisters Alexandra and Isabelle created the company because they knew that mothers crave products that are useful, stylish and environmentally responsible. But above all else, mothers crave products that make life with a little one easier!

I recently received the Glup Drool Bib, Trimini and Diaper Bag to review and I was excited to see exactly what made these products, which are designed and manufactured right in Quebec, Canada, so special. I checked out the Drool Bib first because the design seemed so ingenious for both parents and babies.

The Drool Bib is a product that I thought was absolutely brilliant for a couple of different reasons. As every parent of a teething baby knows, drool can be a real problem. Clothing can become soaked very quickly and babies with sensitive skin may even break out in a rash from the moisture. Traditional bibs are one solution, but they’re not especially attractive. The Glup Drool Bib is the perfect alternative. It looks like a cute neck bandana and helps keep baby’s clothes dry. Best of all, when your little one outgrows the Drool Bib, it can also be worn on the head during summer’s heat!

glup triminiThe Trimini was another product that boasted a clever multifunctional design. The secret was a drawstring at one end that could be used to tighten the one side of the Trimini to create an adorable toque. Loosening the drawstring completely let the Trimini be used as a neckwarmer. And by pulling the fabric up over the head, the Trimini becomes a balaclava. I loved the versatile design because it meant that one handy outdoor accessory could take a little one through a variety of weather.

The final product I received to review was the Glup Diaper Bag. A good diaper bag is an essential for every mom and having one that’s durable, well designed and easy to organize makes outings with a baby so much more enjoyable. I was excited to see how Glup had taken its passion for versatility and put it to work on this mom must-have.

The first thing I noticed about the bag was the fabric. The coated nylon meant that cleaning up spills and messes would be a breeze, but it also meant that this would be a great bag for any weather. It’s always nice to have a bag that can go from summer to winter without a problem and the water-repelling coated nylon ensured that the Glup Diaper Bag could do just that.

glup diaper bag

The other feature I loved about the Glup bag was the handy “mom pocket” right at the front of the bag. This easy to access zippered pouch contained credit card slots, a small elasticized pouch perfect for holding spare change and just enough spaces for a set of car keys, lipstick, sunglasses and those other little mom essentials.

The back of the diaper bag boasts similar functionality and versatility, as the bag’s change pad is actually built right into the back of the bag. I can’t count the times that I used to head out with a diaper bag when my boys were younger only to discover while away that the changing mat that should have been in the bag had been left at home. That’s not a concern with the Glup bag and with inner mesh pockets at the back for storing diapers and wipes, parents can have little ones dry and fresh in a flash.

It’s a simple fact that diaper bags need to carry a lot more than just diapers. Bottles, toys, clean clothes, snacks and essentials for mom all need to fit in an organized manner into one very hardworking bag. The Glup Diaper Bag is more than up to the challenge with a large zippered main pouch complete with numerous inner pockets and pouches to make organization easier. And for on-the-go mamas that love to walk, the bag even has handy stroller clips!

Glup Diaper bag features

If you’re in need of high-quality and versatile products for your little one, Glup is here for you! The company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own Glup Diaper Bag, a $75 value! To enter to win, just check out the Glup Baby Accessories website and leave a blog comment about which product is your favourite.

I love the ingenious handy designs of these Quebec-made products and I am so excited for the upcoming birth of my new niece and nephew so that I introduce my family to these clever designs as well. Best of all, the purchase of Glup baby products lets me show my support of a local mom-owned business dedicated to quality and sustainability. Check out the great assortment of products for yourself and discover some new must-have accessories for your baby!
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  1. Since my daughter is 10 months old, teething and drooling like crazy I love the St. Bernard Drool Bib. What a great name for it too!!!

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