Snowy Easter Adventures with the Nokia Lumia 620 #NokiaSpring

Here in Saskatchewan, Easter vacation at school doesn’t just last a few days. It’s a full weeklong holiday and normally, I love that. Hunting for eggs outside, spending hours at the park…it’s a great way to celebrate spring. But with Easter coming early this year and Saskatchewan facing months of record-breaking cold temperatures, having fun outdoors wasn’t really an option. Then I received the Nokia Lumia 620 to review with the challenge of showcasing the fun spring activities in my town and with a little help from this incredibly feature-packed smartphone, I knew we could still have a fun-filled week off!

nokia lumia 620

The Nokia Lumia 620 is a Windows Phone and I have to admit I was a little nervous about moving off the Android system that I was using. But I am a Windows user; I have a Windows 7 laptop, I use hotmail instead of gmail, Skydrive is my best friend and when I want to relax on a lazy weekend, I play Xbox 360. So within a few minutes of setting up the phone, I could see that the Nokia was going to impress, not just because of the features that were built into it, but also because it synced easily and seamlessly with all the other Windows products and services I use.

But the Nokia Lumia 620 has more than just great Windows compatibility to offer and I wanted to test it out! One of my absolute favourite features is the City Lens app. This app combines the camera and the GPS to direct users to restaurants, entertainment and shopping nearby. I live in a town of 1500 people, which means apps like this sometimes don’t show me anything of interest simply because its creator hasn’t bothered to include data about my small town. That wasn’t the case with the Nokia Lumia 620! As soon as I activated the City Lens app, I saw some of my favourite local stores on display.

nokia city lens
Checking out the nearby businesses with Nokia City Lens.

Of course, I don’t need any help finding my way around, but if I had, getting directions is as simple as choosing a destination and tapping on it. I decided to treat my boys to a night out at the local Lumsden Valley Restaurant, home of the absolute best pizza ever made. I had a lot of fun testing out the camera on the phone by taking pictures of my boys while we ate and I especially loved all the fun photo apps there were to experiment with. From quick and easy panorama pictures with the Photosynth app to perfect portraits using Smart Shoot to my personal favourite, animated photos with the Cinemegraph app, it was a blast trying different photo styles.

Memories of dinner with my boys captured with the Nokia Lumia 620.
Memories of dinner with my boys captured with the Nokia Lumia 620.

nokia photosynth panorama

nokia 620 cinemagraph candle
A still picture comes to life with the Cinemagraph app!

After a delicious meal of pizza, dry ribs and root beer, we headed for home and once there, I played around with a few of the other features of the phone. I loved the Nokia Maps feature, which provides access to the world’s best maps and location experience and includes map, satellite and traffic views. One of my favourite settings on this app is the Places feature. Just hit a button and the phone searches for interesting places nearby, which in Lumsden included the Snack Shack, definitely one of the town’s most popular eating places in the summer.

nokia lumina 620 maps
Nokia City Lens directions and Nokia Maps in satellite mode. When I zoom in, I can see my house! How cool is that?

Over the next few days I used the phone to capture our family memories as my boys gobbled down Easter chocolates and played in the snow. And with my Facebook, Twitter and email accounts all synced up to the phone, I didn’t have to worry about missing any important messages. On the days when snowstorms and cold temperatures kept us indoors, my boys had a great time with the phone’s innovative Kids Corner.

easter morning chocolate
Hunting for chocolate on Easter morning!

The Kids Corner is easily one of my favourite features of the Nokia Lumia 620. Basically, it is a separate screen on the phone that I can populate with games, apps, music and photos just for my boys. They get the fun of playing with my phone and I don’t have to worry about them deleting apps or changing settings. Not two weeks before getting the Nokia Lumia 620, Benjamin actually bought a ten-dollar fortune telling app when playing a game on my old phone, so I fell in love with the Kids Corner as soon as I discovered it.

nokia lumia 620 kids corner

The Nokia Lumia 620 is as fully featured as any smartphone I have ever used and at $0 on a two-year term or $250 month-to-month exclusively at Telus, it is an absolute steal. In fact, because it has so many useful mapping features, it can easily replace a GPS device as well as providing all the capabilities you need in a smartphone. And to top it all off, you can personalize the phone with your choice of seven different switchable dual-shot colour covers!

From capturing memories to navigating our small town to playing games together on snowy days, the Nokia 620 added an extra bit of fun to our Easter break. If you’re looking for an inexpensive smartphone that’s packed with all the features and functionality you could ever want, this is a phone that you will want to check out. Find out more about the Nokia Lumia 620 on the Nokia website or visit your local Telus store to see if it’s the perfect phone for you!
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  1. I have to say that I love the Cinemagraph feature too! I love how many features are packed in this phone. Sounds like you had a fun week, even with Mr. Winter sticking around longer than usual.

    1. We sure did, but I’m going to be happy for warmer weather! One month until DISNEYLAND! :) I’m going to have a blast playing with the phone there!

    1. Isn’t that neat? They’re similar to Vine videos, actually, in the way the picture loops the movement, but more customizable since you can just have specific areas showing movement. Yeah, I’m so going nuts with that app. Lol

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