Customized Whiteboards from Tailor Made Whiteboards Make Family Organizing Easy-Giveaway

It’s a little hard for me to believe sometimes, but my boys aren’t babies anymore! My oldest is reading, playing sports and going to the library all by himself and my youngest is dressing himself, playing independently and only too eager to remind me that he’s “a big boy.” Going from caring for all my boys’ needs to realizing that they can handle more responsibility themselves has taken me a bit of time, but I’m getting there!

Finding ways to give my boys the responsibility that they craved has been one of my biggest challenges and so I decided to start simply by giving the boys some daily chores. And just as I was planning out that idea, Tailor Made Whiteboards contacted me and offered me the chance to review one of its gorgeous customized activity planners, chore boards or menu planners. Of course, I chose the Chore Board and I was especially excited that I was able to customize it with a picture of my two boys to make it extra special!

tailor made whiteboards chore board

When the Chore Board arrived, I pulled it out and planned a place to hang it. I finally mounted it on the door of the closet in our back porch, as it is a nice, clear area. The Chore Board looked absolutely beautiful hanging on the door and the boys were both so excited about getting stars and eventually rewards for doing their little jobs each day. We discussed some different chores the boys might be able to manage and finally decided to start quite simply with Zackary picking up the toys in the living room, Benjamin setting the table and both boys throwing their clothes into the hamper instead of dropping them on the floor as was their habit.

I wrote the boys’ names and chores on the board along with a few chores for me and we tried out our new system. The whiteboard made it so easy to make adjustments to chores or add new ones over the coming weeks and I especially liked the little spaces for jotting down notes. It made remembering school events or extra-curricular activities so much easier because I didn’t have to hunt for a pen to scribble the activity on our paper calendar.

tailor made whiteboards customized

Whether you want to start saving some money on the food budget with a meal plan, keep track of your family’s many activities with ease or get your kid pitching in around the house, Tailor Made Whiteboards wants to help with a fabulous giveaway! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win their choice of any one whiteboard from Tailor Made Whiteboards, up to a $90 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which customized whiteboard you would choose if you won!

Tailor Made Whiteboards also offers a special optional removable frame whiteboard that lets a family remove the current insert and replace it with a new one. I love the idea of being able to update the current insert to switch from a Menu Planner to an Activity Planner or even just to be able to add an insert with an updated family photo! Our Chore Board has been such a handy addition for our household and I know it’s an item that we’ll be using for years and years to come. Check out these beautiful customized whiteboards for yourself and help your family get a little more organized in style!
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  1. “Vogue” Activity Planner

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