Maximize Your Closet’s Potential with the New Rubbermaid Closet Helper System

I think every woman dreams of that huge closet with neat rows of hangers, perfectly positioned shelves and every item of clothing in place. But the reality is that most household closets have a single hang bar and a single shelf above it. Definitely not the best way to maximize space for most people, but who has the time to fully renovate their closet?

That’s why Rubbermaid created the Closet Helper system. This unique tool-free system makes maximizing closet space quick and easy so that anyone can get the organized closet of their dreams! I recently received the Rubbermaid Closet Helper Max Add-On to review and I couldn’t wait to check it out.

rubbermaid closet helper max add-on

The Max Add-On is the biggest system in the Closet Helper line and is really designed to maximize space to the fullest. It all starts with fitting the system in place over the closet’s existing shelf. From there, the sky is the limit! The system includes eight shelves, an extra hang rod and four fabric cubbies. Best of all, the height and placement of the shelves, the height of the second hang rod and everything else can be adjusted to create a space that’s perfect for you!

I especially loved the fact that the telescoping rod that fit between the two shelving units (or between the shelving unit and the closet wall) was adjustable up to 48 inches! As somebody that doesn’t have many long dresses and can make much better use of two levels of shorter hang space, the longer rod was ideal for me.

The other thing I appreciated about this system was the included fabric cubbies. These little containers were ideal for smaller items such as socks and undergarments, and moving those items into the closet meant that I didn’t need to have a huge dresser taking up space in the bedroom!

I love the versatility and ease of use that the Rubbermaid Closet Helper system provides with nothing more to start the process than a single existing shelf and hang rod. And the fact that I can adjust the storage as my wardrobe changes or even move it to another closet if need be makes it even better. It’s the quickest and easiest way ever to organize a closet!
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13 thoughts on “Maximize Your Closet’s Potential with the New Rubbermaid Closet Helper System”

  1. Michael’s brother-in-law owns a company that makes closets among other things…Michael has hinted that I may be getting a new closet but until that is a reality this is a great option plus I LOVE Rubbermaid!! Great review Kathryn! Thank you :) I love organizing a little too much. Michael’s favourite line is ‘ Where are the teacups this week! I always seem to find a better drawer or cupboard to store different things and he can’t keep up.

    1. Lol! I wish I loved organizing a little MORE Teresa, but Rubbermaid has sure been helping me recently to do a little better! Their Bento boxes are my other favourite; love them! Can’t wait to hear about your new closet!

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