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Do you ever wonder what Mom REALLY wants for Mother’s Day? Ebates Canada recently commissioned a study to find out what moms would most like on Mother’s Day compared to what they actually receive. Spa treatments and vacations are at the top of a mom’s list of wants, and flowers and gift cards are what she usually receives instead.

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Personally, I have to agree that a nice facial or manicure would be one of the top gifts on my list. But I don’t agree with the survey’s findings with regards to homemade gifts! I love getting presents that my boys made for me and I’ll always treasure the little book Zackary made for me in which he described me as being “tall as a filing cabinet” with eyes that are “black and blue.”

No matter what’s at the top of your mom’s gift list, makes it easy to find just the right present for Mom while putting money back in your pocket at the same time! Just start your shopping trip on the site and then click through to your favourite online retailer to earn cash back on your online purchases!

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And there are tons of great stores to choose from! In fact, right now The Body Shop is offering 12% cash back on purchases and Old Navy is offering 4%! I was so excited to see two of my very favourite retailers listed and I have to say, I would be a happy mom to wake up to presents from either of these stores!

Best of all, right now you can earn up to 12% cash back on a variety of Mom’s favourite retailers including Indigo, WaySpa, Sears and many more! So find the perfect gift for Mom and get money back when you do by making sure you start your Mother’s Day shopping at!

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  1. I LOVE getting handmade gifts/cards from my boys! Spa visits are definitely nice, but I would rather they save their money and give me a hug, or something they made for me themselves

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