Stellar Performances, Special Effects and Leather Pants Make Stars on Ice a Hit

Figure skating is such a beautiful sport. The combination of athletic ability, breathtaking tricks and beautiful choreography captivates me every time and I love watching a really good show. Recently Jergens offered me the chance to check out the Saskatoon performance of Stars on Ice featuring some of Canada’s most popular and talented figure skaters including Patrick Chan, Ashley Wagner and the incredible Kurt Browning, my favourite figure skater ever since I watched him win the World Championships when I was just a child.

stars on ice program

But as much as I would have loved to attend, the two-hour drive was a bit much to manage and I knew that my mother and sister would appreciate the experience even more since my sister used to be a figure skater herself. My mother, Sharlee and her good friend Hannah were thrilled to head to the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon to check out the show and the girls loved it so much, they couldn’t stop talking about it!

I have to admit; I wish I could have seen Kurt Browning performing Gene Kelly’s immortal Singing in the Rain on ice, especially with actual rain falling down! From the enthusiastic response from two picky teenagers, I can see that Stars on Ice is a sure-to-please experience for a young girl as well as being a perfect choice for any fan of figure skating. And with so many of Canada’s biggest and brightest stars taking the stage, it’s the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss! Visit for a show near you, and a huge thank you to Jergens for giving my family such an incredible experience!

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2 thoughts on “Stellar Performances, Special Effects and Leather Pants Make Stars on Ice a Hit”

  1. Kurt Browning is amazing…My Mum’s BFF loves the ice shows. I may be aging myself but I really liked Dorothy Hamill when I was a teen. I figure skated for over 5 years plus I had her hair cut in grade 8…it was the ‘rachael’ of the 80s :( So funny!

    1. Lol! I totally remember the Rachel cut! Kurt Browning really is amazing; I still remember watching his final performance in the Worlds and his performance was the showiest, most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen. The commentators were remarking that he hadn’t performed as cleanly as his competitor, but the audience absolutely loved him and the cheer when he won the gold medal was deafening. Totally one of my favourite “little girl” memories! :)

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