Protect Your Feet and Get Outdoors this Summer with Blundstone Boots

There is nothing better than a good pair of boots, but the biggest problem I have when shopping for sturdy hiking boots or stylish boots for city wear is that they often take weeks or even months to break in and feel really comfortable. And while I have found boots that feel great right away, they generally tend to be flimsy and quickly start to break down and fall apart.

Then Blundstone Canada gave me the chance to choose a pair of its famous leather boots to review. Blundstone boots women’s boots are specifically designed to be comfortable as soon as they’re pulled on for the first time and the thick leather exterior gives them unparalleled durability too. I chose the classic boots from the 550 Series, Blundstone #585 boots in Rustic Brown to review and I couldn’t wait to check them out.

blundstones 550 series boots

The first thing I noticed about these boots when they arrived was how absolutely buttery soft the leather was. I loved the vintage look of the weathered dark brown leather and while the black had been tempting and might have been a little more versatile with different outfits, the Rustic Brown just gave these boots that extra special something that made them even better.

I liked the fabric loops and elasticized sides that made it easier to pull the boots on while still getting a great fit. And they really were comfortable right off the bat. I found a slight tightness right at the top of my ankle the first few times I wore them, but the leather soon loosened up and felt absolutely fabulous. And they looked just as good with almost any pair of pants I owned.

I got to put my new Blundstones to a proper test on a recent press trip to Eagle Nest Lodge, a fly-in fishing lodge in Manitoba. Both mornings at the lodge were cold and the last day of fishing was wet and rainy too.

I noticed that my feet were staying nice and warm in the Blundstone boots, but it wasn’t until I came in off the lake and pulled off the boots that I realized that my feet were still dry too! And after the outside of the boots had dried off after the downpour, they looked like new once again. And as they get slightly weathered, they’ll only look better since that’s one of the advantages of vintage leather!

fishing blundstones boots

I love how stylish and durable my 550 Series Blundstone boots women’s boots are. They are perfect for outdoor adventures in the summer and are so warm and breathable that they’re wearable in all but the coldest winter days.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or you want a good pair of boots that can go from the boardroom to the back woods without a hitch, check out the great selection of Blundstone boots and pick your favourite pair. They’re guaranteed to feel as good as they look!

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  1. I have Blundstone envy. I’ve been eyeing these for about a year and should just take the plunge and buy them already :)

    1. They are SO comfy! I was impressed because they looked heavy and I thought they might only be good for rough-and-tumble type stuff because of that, but they’re actually quite light. :)

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