Add Excitement to Family Game Night with Great New Games from Spin Master

With all the technology that fills our modern lives, I love finding ways to unplug and connect with my boys. And with both of them now being old enough to understand concepts like taking turns and following rules, one of our favourite ways to do that is with board games.

Spin Master Games have been a hit in our house for a while and recently I received some of the newest games from the company to test out for myself. Zackary and Benjamin were thrilled and couldn’t wait to start playing!

I received Hedbanz Act Up, Logo Party and Boom Boom Balloon to review.

Logo Party is one that I’m saving for when my family comes to visit since it’s more of a teen and adult game. But I have to admit; I cannot wait to try it out!

The game involved identifying various popular brand logos and I had so much fun even just seeing which logos on the box I could identify.

The fun thing about this game is that there are four different ways to play. Participants can draw the logo, describe it, act it out or slowly reveal a card featuring a picture of the logo.

I find the concept of the game fascinating too, since it’s rather interesting to see which logos make the biggest impact on our memories!

boy playing boom boom balloon spin master

Hedbanz Act Up! is a game that’s still a bit beyond the abilities of my four-year-old, but it’s the perfect choice for Zackary and I to play together!

The game involves choosing a card and wearing it on one of the included headbands. But only the other players know what your card says!

Then, other players act out your card and you act out theirs as everyone tries to figure out what their card says before the time runs out!

Zackary loved being able to wear the headband as part of the game and it really got him using both his reading and analyzing skills while also being tons of fun. Games that get Zackary and me using our minds are always a plus!

The final game we received was Boom Boom Balloon and it’s one that is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Players roll a dice and then click plastic sticks forward to compress the balloon. The player that causes the balloon to pop loses the game.

Zackary and Benjamin loved pushing the sticks forward and the face on the balloon made the game especially entertaining for them.

As the balloon swelled, the face changed shape giving the poor Boom Boom Balloon a different expression. The boys found it absolutely hysterical! And the moment when the balloon finally popped was exciting and elicited plenty of laughter as well.

spin master games prize pack

Whether you’re looking for games for kids, for adults or for the whole family, Spin Master Games has tons of great options for you.

Grab one for your next game night and enjoy the fun, laughter and relaxation that come from getting away from the television and computer to play together as a family!

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