Teach Kids About the Importance of Good Hygiene with the Lysol Healthy Habits Program

Cold and flu season is quickly approaching and this year Lysol has partnered with the National PTA to create the Lysol Healthy Habits program; a virtual toolkit of resources to help teach children the essentials of good hygiene. I recently received a back-to-school package of Lysol products and a digital CD version of the Healthy Habits toolkit so that I could experience the program for myself.

I really liked that the program featured resources for both teachers and parents. Lessons about hygiene were divided into different grade levels so that kids could get age-appropriate lessons that were easy for them to understand. I also liked the fun family resources. The Parent Activity Calendar is full of fun activities families can do each month to encourage a healthy lifestyle. What a great way to kick off the upcoming year!

lysol school pack

I also received an assortment of Lysol products including a variety of Lysol wipes and Lysol Touch of Foam hand wash. The Lysol Power & Free wipes were an especial favourite in our household since I tend to avoid using harsh cleaning products around my boys. I am so happy that Lysol has finally come out with a gentle alternative to its original wipes and I have been using the Lysol Power & Free wipes to tidy up the bathroom ever since I received them. I also enjoyed the great scent and foam of the Lysol Touch of Foam hand wash, which made hand washing into a fun experience for my boys.

I really enjoyed the products I received from Lysol and the resources the company is offering to help increase good hygiene habits in kids and ensure less missed school days and more healthy ones all winter long. Check out some of the great downloadable information and help ensure your kids are happy and healthy when the weather turns chilly!

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3 thoughts on “Teach Kids About the Importance of Good Hygiene with the Lysol Healthy Habits Program”

  1. After all of these years, Lysol still is the go to product for keeping things germ free! I will admit that I may be a little obsessed with their foaming hand wash! I was thrilled to find that there are large refill bottles available.

  2. My son’s teacher is so good about this, and I’m glad because it reiterates what he’s learning at home. Good post. :)

    And Lysol’s been THE product forever, hasn’t it??? I still remember the old, heavy cans my gram and mom had around the house when I was a kid. :)

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