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Even though photography is not one of my gifts, I’ve learned quite a bit about the art of photography in the last few years and have improved my picture quality significantly in an attempt to showcase better photos on my blog. But my smartphone camera could only take me so far, and so this year I made the upgrade to a Nikon D3100 DSLR. I have been having so much fun learning to use my new camera and the improvement in the quality of my pictures is absolutely fabulous!

But with any new camera comes a need for gear to protect and transport it, and that’s especially true of a DSLR since in addition to the camera itself, there are often extra lenses to carry. My camera came with a spare battery and charger, and then I splurged on a 50mm Nikkor lens for food photography shortly after buying the camera itself. Even as a beginner I need space for extra gear!

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Most of the camera cases and bags I’ve seen have been noticeably utilitarian, and while that’s fine if it’s the only option available, I would much rather carry my camera in a bag that’s fun, fashionable and trendy. My best friend was the one that introduced me to Epiphanie Bags, a company created by photographer Maile Wilson that specializes in fashionable, feminine camera bags. I was so excited when Epiphanie gave me the chance to review one of these gorgeous bags myself.

Choosing a camera bag was the hardest part of the review process by far. There are so many gorgeous ones that it took quite some time to narrow down my choices! But I decided I wanted something as streamlined and purse-like as possible and after viewing the pictures of real women with the different bags, I decided on the LOLA. The bag is available in a rainbow of colours and while I considered Black for its versatility or Mustard for its sunshiny cheeriness, I eventually decided to choose the Red. I wear a lot of black and white, and so I thought this bag would add the perfect pop of colour to my look.

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Of course, even a beginning photographer knows that the cutest bag ever made is no good at all if it doesn’t protect delicate camera equipment. So when the bag arrived, looking even more fashionable than it had in the website photos, I immediately opened it up to check out the interior. The LOLA features extra padding on the bottom and sides and multiple padded dividers to ensure that my camera and lenses stay protected as I carry them around throughout the day. As an added bonus, the dividers are positioned with Velcro so that I can move them around to fit my gear just right or even remove them altogether to create a basic purse for everyday use!

One of the other features I loved was the convertible nature of the bag. While it features two classic short straps perfect for heading out on the town, the LOLA bag also comes with a matching padded crossbody strap for those times when I might be carrying around my bag all day. A small zippered pocket on the interior keeps money, ID or a spare SD card safe and secure, while the two open pockets on the outside of the bag were perfect for storing those few essential items not related to photography such as sunglasses and my cell phone.

epiphanie lola interior

The bag safely and securely held my camera, my extra lens, my lens hood, my spare battery and charger, the convertible strap, my wallet, my smartphone, my sunglasses and my business cards with room for one more lens down the road. Since I have my eye on a 55-300mm zoom lens, I’m happy that the bag has room to grow with me as I acquire new gear. And best of all, it looks absolutely beautiful too!

Epiphanie Bags wants to give you a chance to experience its camera bags for yourself, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own Epiphanie camera bag of their choice, up to a $225 value! To enter to win, just take a look at the Epiphanie Bags website and leave a blog comment about which bag you would choose if you won.

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For any woman that loves fashion as much as she loves photography, an Epiphanie bag is an absolute must. Stylish, functional and durable, this is one camera bag that you’ll won’t ever dread toting around! For the latest news from Epiphanie, make sure to follow Epiphanie Bags on Instagram, like the Epiphanie Bags Facebook page, follow @EpiphanieBags on Twitter or follow Epiphanie Bags on Pinterest. Then take a look at the site for yourself and pick out your perfect camera bag. Once you’ve tried an Epiphanie bag, you’ll never want to lug around an ordinary camera bag again!
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