Be Ready to Bare Your Skin this Spring with Tips from Nair and Rhonda Shaupe

The weather is finally warming up and that means it’s time to break out shorts, sandals and sundresses! I am a huge fan of summer fashions but when the time comes to bare a little extra skin, to me that means it’s also time to make sure that skin is silky smooth! While I was a late adopter of waxing (I was thirty when I tried it for the first time), I fell in love with it quickly and now it’s one of my go-to hair removal methods for fabulous silky skin.

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But a little extra planning and research can help too, and that’s why Nair is helping you prepare for warm weather with some fabulous advice from beauty expert Rhonda Shaupe.  For the best results and to get your body silky and smooth in time for Easter break, follow these insider tips:

  1. Choose a method that best suits your hair removal needs. If you’re headed on vacation a big concern is how to maintain soft and smooth skin when on the go. “When travelling, wax strips are best because they are small, quick and easy to use,” says Rhonda. She suggests using easy-to-pack wax strips, like Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Wax Strips, “they can be easily tucked away and are warmed through the friction of massaging the strip between hands.”
  2. With so many options and formulations to choose from, Rhonda advises picking one with added benefits – especially for the face. “With a sensitive formula, Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Face Trio provides three easy steps to remove unwanted hair in minutes with a balm, cream and moisturizer to give you the perfect finish.” To top it of, the ingredients include mango butter, açai berry and mineral-rich clay for antioxidant protection.
  3. Hold the skin taut to prevent muscle slackening and bruising. “In fact, the tighter you hold the skin, the less pain you’ll feel,” says Rhonda.” And relax! “If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, give yourself a bit of time to calm down,” Rhonda advises. “Stress, in fact, magnifies discomfort as nerve endings become more acute.”

Once your skin is soft and smooth, you’ll be ready to hop into your favourite warm-weather gear and head off for a little fun over Easter. And once you’ve tried Nair products, you’ll never want to deal with the hassle of a razor again. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to get silky smooth legs with Nair wax strips and how long-lasting waxing was as a hair removal method. Check out for money saving coupons and get your skin ready for sunshine!

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  1. Great tips! Nair has so many different kinds of products for all skin types and I love that! I’ve gotta give it a try!

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