Showing Off the Results After Eight Weeks Of Using Olay Regenerist Luminous Skincare

Eight weeks ago I set out on a mission to renew my skin with the help of the new Olay Regenerist Luminous Brightening Cream Cleanser, Tone Perfecting Cream and Dark Circle Correcting HydraSwirl. Within days, my skin was brighter. Two weeks later, my face was smoother and had a healthy glow. And now, after the recommended full eight weeks of the regime, I am ready to share my results!

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For me, one of the highlights of this skincare journey was seeing the difference in my skin from committing to using the products twice a day, every day. It’s hard to be consistent sometimes, especially for a busy mom, but I noticed quickly that the effort is well worth it. I’ve come to accept that hormonal breakouts are a part of my life, but when using the Olay Regenerist Luminous products, my breakouts were minimal and healed more quickly.

And after eight weeks, the discolouration that had started to appear on my cheeks and chin over time had started to fade! I noticed the products seemed to work best on darker spots than on red spots, but after eight weeks, all the discolouration in my skin tone had started to even out. And when applying makeup, getting the perfect natural and glowing complexion was also easier since I didn’t need as much foundation and concealer!

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The best part of this experience was having the chance to fly to Toronto for a photo shoot to show off my skin’s results. After having my hair carefully styled and my makeup professionally applied, it was time to sit down and smile while the photographer took some close-up pics of my glowing face! It was so much fun and knowing that my skin was looking its best thanks to the Olay Regenerist Luminous collection made the experience even more fun!

I’m a confident woman, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t still sometimes look in the mirror and dream about the smooth, creamy complexion I used to have when I was younger. Keeping all the wisdom I’ve gained over the years while still being able to refresh and renew my complexion back to a more youthful state is the best of all possible worlds as far as I’m concerned!

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Aging is a part of life and really, it’s a pretty fabulous thing. With each passing year, the experience we gain and memories we collect enrich our lives and help us to be even more amazing. But if time’s passage is also causing your skin to lose its elasticity and even tone, the new Olay Regenerist Luminous collection is the perfect way to renew your skin and prevent future damage so that you’ll look as young as you feel!

Olay Regenerist Luminous brings you a complete regime to brighten your skin step-by-step.

Step 1: Olay Regenerist Luminous Brightening Cream Cleanser’s creamy formula instantly illuminates skin and leaves it feeling smooth, conditioned and even textured.

Step 2: Recapture healthy-looking, youthful luminosity with Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream. You’ll feel intense hydration immediately, and see visibly younger-looking skin in 2 weeks and more even skin tone in 8 weeks.

Step 3: Luminous Dark Circle Correcting HydraSwirl uses a distinctive dual-swirl formula with a gel to hydrate and a cream to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles.

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  1. Judy C (Judy Cowan)

    Your skin looks great and what a fun experience! I am going to check these products out because I should really be taking better care of the skin on my face!

  2. YOu look so great! I really enjoyed reading this journey and these reviews!! You’re so right, aging is nothing we should fear and despise!

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