Learn, Grow and Achieve – Three Important Investments For Your Child’s Future That Are Worth Making

We are lucky to live in a country that’s full of opportunities, and as a parent, I’ve seen firsthand how many different options I have when it comes to helping my children grow and develop. But all that choice can be overwhelming too as I struggle to decide what opportunities are worth the investment of time and money and which ones aren’t. I manage the household finances very carefully so ensuring I’m making wise choices is very important to me. Here are the three investments that I believe are worth every penny when it comes to ensuring your child’s future success:

Invest in Travel

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There is no experience more rewarding and educational than seeing another part of the world. Travel can be expensive, but the investment gives back so much in life experience that it’s one I think is well worth making. My mom took me on a trip to Finland and Cyprus when I was just eight years old and I still remember how much I learned and grew on that journey. Now as a parent myself, I’m determined to ensure that my boys get that same life experience that travel provides. And I’ve seen for myself how beneficial travel is to my boys even when our destination is a nearby city. Whether you head to a neighbouring province to explore its heritage or save up for a large, once-in-a-lifetime trip somewhere exotic, money spent travelling with your child is always a wise investment in their future.

Invest in Culture

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Whether your child is a budding artist, a natural musician or a born actor, helping him to develop those skills with professional lessons is a great investment. Lessons that help a child develop his natural talent do more than just improve his skill level. Professional instruction boosts confidence and teaches children an important lesson about their ability to improve their skills through practice and dedication. My oldest son develops his skills through weekly karate courses. While he failed the previous year’s exam and remained a white belt for two full years, he graduated to the next colour of belt this year! I’m happy that he’s taking part in an activity he enjoys, but I’m even happier he’s learning that practice and hard work are sometimes necessary before getting a reward.

Invest in Education

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When I was in my twenties, my boss at the time told me, “Kat, tomorrow you could wake up and lose everything. You could lose your job, your house, your money and your friends anytime for any reason. But the one thing that nobody can take away from you is your education.” Over a decade later, I still remember those words, which to me are a passionate testament to the importance of lifelong learning. When my boys are ready to further their education, I want to be able to help them achieve their goals. That’s why they both have RESPs. Choosing a trusted company like Heritage Education Funds just makes sense when it comes to giving your child the best start in life! I strongly recommend that you learn more about the company’s RESP plans and the various grants for which you may qualify to find the best options for your family on their website at, HeritageRESP.com. Besides, you can even enter to win one of eight $2500 RESPs at HeritageRESP.com/WinARESP! This is one investment that should definitely be a top priority for any parent.

From educational software and private schools to expensive sports equipment and kids’ camps, there are all kinds of different options available for parents that want to give their children a head start in life. But in my mind, these three investments are the ones that are most important to make. With the knowledge gained through visiting other places in the world, the life lessons learned developing a skill and the finances to choose a future career and apply that life learning to a post-secondary program, there’s no limit to what a child can accomplish. Start your child’s RESP today and make an investment in his future success!

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  1. Investing in your child’s education sometimes requires sacrifice. There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing your children living out their dreams,

  2. Chandra Christine O'Connor

    ours sure helped the kids in their first year, a bit in second and tiny bit in third but better then nothing

  3. Great post. I agree in investing in all 3! My family used to travel a lot when I was little and it made me appreciate so much.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with all of this. Travelling was always big with my parents, and I am the same way, as long as it’s at an age where they’ll remember their experiences.

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