Kids Will Have a Healthy Summer with Natrol Angry Birds Vitamins

My boys are huge fans of the Angry Birds franchise, and in addition to the games themselves, they have a collection of memorabilia including stuffed toys, building sets and mini characters. But now, thanks to Natrol, Zackary and Benjamin have a whole new way to enjoy Angry Birds…as vitamins!

New Natrol Angry Birds vitamins come in both a chewable tablet and a gummy vitamin option. Gummy vitamins are a big favourite in this house so Zackary and Benjamin decided that the Angry Birds Vitamin Gummies were the ones that they wanted to try first.

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The vitamins come in three delicious fruit flavours and contain no artificial colours or flavouring. With eleven essential vitamins including Vitamin D, they’re a great way of ensuring that my boys are getting the nutrients they need, something that’s important to me with one child that shuns vegetables and another that doesn’t like milk!

The gummies themselves are nice and chewy with fun fruit taste. The boys loved the great texture and were quick to bring me the bottle each morning to make sure that they got their vitamins! The Angry Birds Vita-Chews tablets were just as delicious and had a fun tropical punch flavour with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals. My boys loved comparing the different Angry Birds faces on each tablet!

To help ensure optimal health, a good multivitamin is a must in our house and new Natrol Angry Birds vitamins are such a fun way of making sure my boys get the nutrients they need. Get a bottle for your family and help ensure your kids are feeling their best in a fun and delicious way!

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