The New VTech InnoTab 3 Baby Learning Tablet Grows with Your Little One

My boys have had a few different educational gaming systems over the years, but with Zackary and Benjamin being almost four years apart in age, finding something that works for both of them is more than a little tricky.

For quite a while, my oldest son had a gaming system and my youngest son didn’t, which meant a lot of arguments and hurt feelings, not to mention frustration when I did give Benjamin a chance to try his big brother’s games.

Now, VTech has come up with a solution thanks to its new InnoTab 3 Baby learning tablet! My boys actually have the VTech InnoTab 3, which is a great design for children between three and nine years of age.

But the new VTech InnoTab 3 Baby adds even more functionality and versatility, with a design that makes it perfect for children between one and nine years of age!

innotab 3 baby features

The tablet comes in a special baby-safe case that protects it from drops and drool. As babies become toddlers, they are able to start making use of the touchscreen and oversized stylus that are incorporated into the case. Finally, when a child is old enough, the InnoTab 3 Baby can be taken out of its special case and used on its own!

As with the past InnoTab tablets, one of the most appealing things about this system is its many features. From a 180-degree rotating camera with over 55 fun photo effects to 18 included apps to an eReader and art studio, there is so much for little ones to do!

I especially loved that the InnoTab 3 Baby included special baby-friendly content such as Baby Sign Language, Baby Learning Games and 12 classic songs!

But the best part is the fact that the tablet’s content can be updated to higher levels as baby grows, so that this one tablet can be used from babyhood right up to grade school!

vtech innotab 3 baby

While I have no doubt that my boys would have a blast playing with the VTech InnoTab 3 Baby and soon have it upgraded to their perfect learning level with new games and apps, I really want to make the most of all the great baby-friendly content on the tablet.

That’s why my little one-year-old niece Brooke will be the one learning and playing with VTech! And I have no doubt that baby-safe case will come in very handy once she gets her hands on it!

Find the new VTech InnoTab 3 Baby at toy stores across Canada and let your little one start experimenting with learning and technology!
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168 thoughts on “The New VTech InnoTab 3 Baby Learning Tablet Grows with Your Little One”

  1. I think my little ones would enjoy the camera the most – they always want to take pictures with my camera, phone, ipad etc but my little one is way to young to trust with those expensive items (she is only 1) so this would be great for her!

  2. Chandra Christine O'Connor

    Baby Learning Games and 12 classic songs seriously who can resist hearing a child sing!

  3. The rotating camera would probably be a favorite here. My little one is always wanting to use my camera…

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