Experience the Total Non-Stick System of New Circulon Prime Cookware

Good cookware is one of my absolute must-haves in the kitchen and while I have very particular tastes about what type of cookware I like to use for certain dishes, I have struggled in my search for a good, multi-purpose skillet.

I use cast iron frying pans for fatty foods but for low-fat cooking I find that I have issues with food sticking to the pan. On the other hand, I tend to shun non-stick cookware because of the potential health risk when the non-stick coating starts peeling off. I admit it…I’m terrible about remembering not to use metal utensils with non-stick pans!

That’s why I fell in love with the brand new Circulon Prime cookware at first glance. Not only is this cookware incredibly stylish (I especially love the red set), but it’s also incredibly functional!

Featuring a special Total non-stick system of high and low grooves that increases the durability of the non-stick surface, it’s the perfect solution for anyone that craves the effectiveness of non-stick cookware but doesn’t always remember to grab a non-metal utensil while cooking!

circulon prime deep skillet egg poacher

I received a 12″ skillet and a deep skillet with egg poacher insert to review. The large skillet is the perfect size for a family and I’ve especially enjoyed using it when making a stir-fry.

The curved sides make it perfect for sautéing a large amount of vegetables and the non-stick design makes cooking the food to perfection so much easier. Even when I’m scrambling eggs for fried rice, I can use a miniscule amount of oil and still not have problems with the eggs sticking!

The deep skillet with egg poacher insert I loved for its multifunctional design. For everyday use, I just removed the egg poacher and used the skillet for everything from poaching chicken breasts to simmering sauces.

And when I was feeling ambitious and wanted to make a fancy breakfast, putting water in the skillet and inserting the egg poacher over it let me create perfectly poached eggs in minutes. Since poaching eggs is so easy now, we’ve been having Eggs Benedict a lot more often!

circulon prime skillets

The Circulon Prime collection offers pieces ranging from individual stockpots, roasters and skillets to complete cookware sets to suit every need.

I’ve loved cooking with the Circulon Prime skillets so far and because the pieces have a lifetime guarantee, I know that I’ll be able to continue to enjoy using them for decades to come.

Whether you need a whole new cookware set or just one or two new pieces to round out your collection, the non-stick cookware in the Circulon Prime collection is sure to impress. Get yours today exclusively at Canadian Tire and cook up something tasty!
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229 thoughts on “Experience the Total Non-Stick System of New Circulon Prime Cookware”

  1. I’d love the 6qt jumbo covered cooker! I bet you could use that one piece to replace at least 3 or 4 in my pots and pans collection I have already. Our set is so mismatched with new and old and varies from Teflon non stick to old fashion cast iron. I told my guy we should get married just so we could update our housewares! I guess winning a free frying pan is a close second! Ha ha. Thanks so much!

  2. I love the 3qt (2.8 L) covered saucepan with straining lid , how cool is that. I always burn myself on the steam trying to hold the lid just right to drain the water out.

  3. I would most like to own the COVERED STRAINING STOCKPOT WITH LOCKING LID. The 6 quart size would be great for the soups that I make, and the locking lid would be great for when I make pasta – I always end up with pasta down the drain when straining, and this would stop that!

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