The Top 3 Ultimate Holiday Movie Picks #StreamInto2015

Recently I had the chance to enjoy a holiday movie extravaganza with my boys thanks to Staples Canada. The company sent us a holiday movie kit that contained a variety of fun items including a Roku 3 Streaming Media Player so that we could use our favourite online services to enjoy all the movies we wanted. The goal was to choose an ultimate holiday movie and after plenty of deliberation, we made our decision!

I loved getting suggestions from readers about their favourite holiday movie and I have to admit that I was a little surprised how many movies I had forgotten about. The Polar Express was one of my very favourite holiday films when it was first released, yet I hadn’t even thought to put it on in the last few years. And who doesn’t love the silly adventures of Ralphie in A Christmas Story? In fact, after all the awesome suggestion we had so much trouble narrowing it down that we decided on three ultimate Christmas movies, perfect for different occasions. These were our picks!

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Ultimate Feel-Good Holiday Movie – The Santa Clause

When it comes to holiday movies that touch the heart, there’s no shortage of contenders. The Santa Clause was a winner for our family because it consistently entertained both kids and adults, it had a great message and it really embraced the magic and wonder of Christmas. Even having seen the movie numerous times, I still get teary-eyed as I watch. But of course, with Tim Allen starring, there are plenty of laughs as well. What more could anyone want when they’re in the mood for holiday cheer?

Ultimate Cheesy Holiday Movie – Jingle All the Way

This movie is more than a little absurd, though when a comedy stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, that’s to be expected. But it’s also endlessly entertaining for kids and cheesy enough to be pretty darn funny for adults as well! Any parent that’s ever had a struggle finding that one toy their child especially wants for Christmas will be able to relate to the endless hunt that father Howard goes through to get his son the highly-coveted Turbo Man action figure. And the slapstick humour that results will have kids giggling from start to finish!

Ultimate Classic Holiday Movie – The Muppets Christmas Carol

A nice change of pace from animated specials; this movie is a classic for a reason! The combination of beloved characters such as Kermit the Frog and Gonzo, fun sing-along music numbers and touching life lessons make it a sure-fire hit for kids but still a great movie for parents as well. It’s also an ideal way to introduce children to Charles Dickens’ beloved classic novel in a non-frightening, kid-friendly way.

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No matter what ultimate holiday movies your family love, enjoying them couldn’t be easier with a streaming media player from Staples Canada. And to help two lucky readers enjoy their own holiday movie extravaganza, Staples Canada let me give away two Roku 3 Streaming Media Players worth $99 each! A huge congratulations to the winners, Stephanie L. and Lisa M.

We had a blast making our ultimate holiday movie picks and there’s no reason for the fun to stop now! Spend some time in the days before Christmas indulging in your own holiday movie marathon and see what movie your family loves most. With a streaming media player from Staples Canada, the fun lasts all season long!

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  1. The Roku is a great device! The kids & I love Jingle all the Way. Confession time– I have still not seen The Santa Clause. Oops!

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