My Top 3 Health and Wellness Goals for the New Year

While I don’t usually make specific New Year’s Resolutions, January for me has always been a time to reflect on the successes of the past year and make new goals for the year ahead.

This year, there are a few different aspects of my life that I aim to improve and one of those is my health and fitness level.

I’m at a healthy weight overall, but I know that there are many nutritional areas I could improve and since I’ll soon be turning 34, ensuring good health is only going to get more and more important as the years go by. So for 2015, these are my top three health and fitness goals:

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1. Exercise

I have to admit that exercising regularly is never something I’ve enjoyed. And for the most part I haven’t really needed to do it either since I walk or bike when running errands and live a fairly active lifestyle overall.

But with my boys growing older and gaining more independence, I find I’m not moving around as much as I used to. That’s why for 2015, I’ve decided that in addition to my daily physical activity, I will do at least 30 minutes of strength-training three times a week.

My daily errands may give me the cardio workout I need, but they aren’t very effective at building muscle!

2. Eat Breakfast

Of all of my bad habits, this is probably one of the worst. I’ve just never been very good about eating breakfast and as I bustle to get my kids out the door every morning, I’ve gotten even worse.

When both boys have school, I sometimes won’t have anything but coffee until the afternoon rolls around. Since this is such a long-time habit of mine, I’m turning to Orange Naturals to help. I may not feel like eating in the morning, but a quick shake made with a few scoops of Orange Naturals ND Shake Women is something even I don’t mind gulping down.

With 18 grams of protein, 7 grams of fibre and nutrients to help prevent women-specific health issues, it’s a great way to start the day for a breakfast-hater like me!

3. Take “Me” Time

For years I was absolutely work obsessed, and while it definitely helped build the success of my business, it also left me drained, irritable and almost constantly stressed.

About halfway through last year, I started taking more time for myself by scheduling regular nights out with friends, taking my boys on occasional fun outings and even just turning off the computer every week or so to read a good book.

The difference it made in my mood and outlook on life was incredible and it’s something I’m going to continue this year. Over the next few months, in addition to the downtime I’ve already started to add to my schedule, I’m going to make it a mission to completely unplug for at least one day per week.

No matter what your health and wellness goals are for 2015, Orange Naturals has some great products that can help you reach them sooner.

Check out the Optimal Health Starter Kit page for products to promote general wellness including probiotics, multivitamins and specialized products such as D3 and B-Complex vitamins.

One of my personal must-have vitamins for lowering my stress is the B-Complex. Within just a week of using it, I noticed how much calmer I felt.

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Starting a new year is such an inspirational time and I can’t wait to see the difference in my body and mind as I tackle my health and fitness goals for the year.

By making small, sustainable changes to my lifestyle, I have no doubt that I’ll be looking back at the yearwith pride when the next year rolls around.

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

121 thoughts on “My Top 3 Health and Wellness Goals for the New Year”

  1. Absolutely “cliche”, but the #1 goal this year is to quit smoking. It’s such a terrible habit and I have had it! My husband and I are already taking the right step forward this year and have scheduled Dr appointments – I am excited to begin this new journey!

  2. We have already been doing the healthy eating for six months so we decided we would try to exercise at least 15 minutes each day.

  3. Stephanie LaPlante

    Our goals are intense but possible. My dad is going to beat cancer, I’m going to eat heart healthy, my moms going to lose belly fat for her heart, my sister is going to get help for mental illness and my brother is going to get buff!

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