Keep Kids Healthy While Travelling This March Break

Many families across Canada are celebrating March Break this week, a time to celebrate the end of winter and head off on an adventure! My boys and I are no strangers to travel but even so, keeping healthy on the road can sometimes be a challenge. Both boys occasionally have stomach troubles when they’re sampling the cuisine of another country. And my oldest is prone to carsickness even if we just make a quick day trip to a nearby attraction. It can definitely put a damper on the fun when my boys aren’t feeling their best!

Luckily, about a year ago, I discovered that probiotics are a great solution for stomach health, especially when travelling. I first heard about the importance of probiotics from a food writer friend of mine. She had been on a food tour featuring a multi-course meal of incredibly rich dishes. At the end of the meal, another tour participant gave her probiotics to help her stomach digest the heavy meal. The next day, the two ladies were fine while everyone else was feeling rather ill.

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Since I travel quite often and love rich food, I picked up some probiotic tablets myself after hearing the story. But it didn’t occur to me to give them to my children…until my son threw up all over his seat in a packed plane on our flight home from Jamaica. That’s when I realized that my kids might benefit from probiotics as well when we travel!

Orange Naturals Probiotic Powder for toddlers through teens was the perfect solution. It’s shelf-stable, family friendly and can be added to water or juice for easy dosing. Personally, I like adding it to my boys’ morning smoothie made with ND Shake Kids when we’re on a road trip. If we’re flying off on an adventure, then I just add the powder to my boys’ morning juice at breakfast.

Of course, that doesn’t solve the issues my oldest son has with getting carsick. Since this was a problem I had as a child too, I had a few different solutions to help minimize the problem. First of all, I find focusing inside the car makes the problem worse, so I limit my son’s time reading or playing a video game system while we’re moving. Looking out the window can sometimes be enough to take away the nausea caused by movement.

I have also learned that sometimes just stopping to take a break and get some fresh air does a world of good, so scheduling regular rest stops for our family is a must. I generally try to plan them in advance so that we can stop somewhere interesting, which helps us appreciate the trip even more. And a quick break lets us stretch our legs, get a little exercise and keep our spirits positive too!

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The one remedy I don’t like to use, however, is a commercial nausea remedy. I find the medication makes my son incredibly drowsy and I don’t want him to have to miss out on the fun of our adventure! Orange Naturals Nausea and Vomiting for kids is my preferred choice because it helps settle my son’s stomach gently and naturally. This homeopathic remedy works quickly and doesn’t leave my son feeling groggy, making it a must on our road trips!

If your family has health concerns while travelling, make sure to follow along with the O Natural Blog for tips and ideas to help everyone feel great during their vacation. The recent blog post about travelling with a baby is a must-read! Whether you’re celebrating March Break by leaving on a jet plane, heading down the highway or even just strolling through your own city, it’s important to make sure your family stays healthy during your journey. Having a few handy homeopathic products or other health essentials from Orange Naturals in your travel arsenal is a great way to make sure that everyone has a vacation to remember!

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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