Surprise Your Mom with Stylish Home Decor from India & Purry

One of the things I loved most about becoming a homeowner was the chance to dress up my decor with small touches that showed off my own personal style.

From cute throw pillows in the living room to themed wall art in the bedroom, finding those special decor items let my house feel like a home. And I know I’m not alone in my love of showing off my personality through my home decor!

Now, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, a sweet and original home decor item is sure to make a great gift choice for almost any mom. And the India & Purry collection by Jessica Hollander has items that are sure to put a smile on any mother’s face!

india & purry coasters pink flowers

I received a set of gorgeous India & Purry coasters so that I could see for myself how stylish and fun these decor items are, and I was thrilled from the moment I opened the box.

The coasters fit together to form beautiful pictures; my own set was of a pink-blossomed tree on a dark grey background. Made of Bottocino Marble, these coasters are of the highest quality and designed to last. And the cork backing ensures that I can use them any time without worrying about scratching furniture.

But while the opulent look and feel of the coasters is wonderful, it really is their design that makes them stand out.

Each coaster is beautiful on its own but put together in a square to form a full picture, they are even more impressive. And the blend of neutral colours with the pop of pink is the perfect feminine, yet classic combination.

india & purry coasters

India & Purry by Jessica Hollander also offers wall prints, trivets, pillow covers, room ornaments and more in stylish designs that are sure to add a special touch to any room.

If you’re wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day this year, one of these beautiful and unique items is sure to satisfy!

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